So the customer was complaining about his Used Boil out system from Nevin Model Number 5400 ... "i have a nevin 5400 boil out that has a bad motherboard. its used in a dental lab and all it does is bring water to a boil and then a spray is used too boil out the wax that is in a flask. when you look at the motherboad, you can see one chip/fuse that is burned out. is this something you can fix? " 


We are a motherboard repair lab and we have experience with many different types of mother boards so we have accepted the challange. 


We grabbed some data sheets around the chips that were affected. and realized we can get some standard resistors for these as the ohm color code was so burnt it is impossible to see. With schematicsc and datasheet at hand we went ahead and procured some parts. 


We have replaced the oscillators and resistors. 



after replacement sent to the Dental Lab and they assembled the motherboard, It worked like a charm. 

nevin5400BoilOut frontplate

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