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Laptop Repair Blog

Lenovo x220 Screen Repair
December 18 2017
Lcd was ok turns out lcd cable is bad needs to be ordered and replaced.
Track Pad Issue With HP Laptop
December 11 2017
The track pad has a small clicker button. Which was not functioning properly. After water damage clean out. Everything functions. An excellent fix from Tech Device Repair. MacBooks have many different
Acer Laptop Bezzel Replacement
November 29 2017
This was not a quick replacement on this laptop screen as both sides of the bezzel need to get disassembled and destructed then reconstructed on the new bezzel and assembled. It was successful but took time.
HP Pavilion G6 No Backlight
November 04 2017
The HP Pavilion G6 laptop is a great one, it was disassembled and ready for testing. The screen was not on due to a bad GPU. The back light was not on due to a bad screen. 2 repairs in one laptop!!
Laptops Laptops Laptops
November 04 2017
We repair Batches of laptops for your business as well! Trust us for quality and service excellence as we consult you on the specific needs. We take the C & D's and give you A's and B's!
Acer Aspire windows issues looping
November 04 2017
This is something we can do! most of these small form factors do not allow you to do anything that requires a lot of different inputs and variables. You might think you have a dead machine. but we can bring it back to life. The new UEFI system + Bios + MBR and other partions creates a whole new level of things that can go wrong with one laptop.
Dell Inspiron 7548 backlight issue
October 02 2017
Problem with my screen brightness on my Dell Inspiron 7548 core i7 motherboard and it has a small burnt component close to the LCD cable connection. customer ordered a used motherboard and screen was working normally but RAMs slot A were not working so they returned it and came to us with the original broken motherboard of this i7 computer... After replacing the mosfet we have tested and the back-light is working properly now.
Dell Inspiron N5110 Power issue
October 01 2017
This dell laptop would messup the charger circuit as well as not charge or power on. The charger was tested with a multimeter and all is good on the power side. After disassembly we found a Short between the Power lines that could have been a detrimental problem tothe laptop. Successful;yy we were able to remove the short and tested and re assembled the laptop.
Dell Inspiron 11, Constant reboot loop
September 28 2017
The Dell inspiron 11 small form factor laptop is a special one. It does not have an SSD or hard drive, rather a 32GB EMMC. with that said most windows install media will not be able to install the software. And you must install an embedded OS win 10 version. Due to the lack of experience by many technicians the dell inspiron 11 is a laptop that many can not fix when things go wrong. We do know how to get an Embedded OS windows 10 installation on the drive. However it is a very time consuming task. This particular one needed a full refresh as a previous technician completely destroyed the EMMC and removed all partitions off recovery from it.