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Laptop Repair Blog

04 August 2017
The alienware laptop was originally opened by the user which is not a problem, As we are able to fix any issue customers cause by trying to open it themselves. We removed the old lcd and noticed that the backlight connector is also tampered with and thats when we questioned .. and we were informed that there was a previous attempt. As we were trying t put the bezzel back on we also noticed that thte camera placement was not correct. We adjusted and clipped it in the center and we tested the screen and attached the bezzel. The Alienware LCD is defintely definitely a well manufactured and good process to repair.
01 July 2017
This HP is a toughbook, so it must have gotten a pretty big hit for it to get cracked like that. Though we repalaced the screen and mounted the bezzel , it had a hair line fracture that went all the way acroos the bezzle, which came out first. Then we attached the new LCD to the laptop.
21 May 2017
By factory this model is glued together. So disassembly requires heating ... HP x360 envy is definitely sleek looking but is not the most practical for repairs. Bezel was then removed and replaced with a new one on the new LCD screen
13 May 2017
We replaced the C55 screen in less than 20 minutes. We can repair those screens the fastest due to the compact camera and LCD connector cable. the bezel removal is straight forward but if not done right can mbe cumbersome. Before and After: