Does your screen flicker or showing lines? is it broken and cracked beyond viewable images? Then do not worry, we replace all models and brands laptops LCD screens. Just bring it to us and we will take care of it. 

Common Laptop LCD issues:

Lines on screen

Usually cuased by a damaged LCD froma physical hit. Sometimes this is caused by the LCD flex cable from your motherboard to your LCD

Blotches on screen

This is usually from LCD layers bleeding into eachother, usually means that the LCD recieved very high physical impact damage. Rarely is it too much power causing internal LCD bleeding.


A new screen fixes this issue 99% of the time. also common to replace the flex cable with that, as discolorations mean that there is no signal on one or more color recieving inputs on the LCD.


As some software viruses might cause those issues. it is more common that flickering while booting is more of a LCD issue. 

No Backlight

This is a tricky one. Some people might think that there computer is not on, or that the screen is not responsive. even though the computer is on and everything is good expect that there is no backlight ont he monitor.

To troubleshoot the backlight issue

  1. Get a flash light
  2. Slightly angle and flash the light towards the screen.
    1. If you see something.. you are in luck. it is only your backlight and you will need a motherboard repair.
    2. Otherwise, You need an LCD repalcement! 

Loss of touch (on touch enabled laptops)

On some touch enabled laptops you will find that touch is unresposive or even worse doesn't work at all. If there are no other obvious physical damage signs , we can try a software method. Otherwise the digitzer on the LCD screen must have gone bad. Now that is an issue. Becuase some screens need manufacturing machines to reassemble them. and therefore you might have the costly option of having to replace an entire assembly. 




How long does it take to get a LCD replacement?

Laptop Screens usually take about 14 day turn around time for repairs. due to the large number of different screens int he market, we do not stock Laptop screens inhouse, though we order on demand and we fix upon delivery. The whole entire process will announed to you VIA email so you can rest assured that you are tracking every step of the repair.


What models or brands does TDR work on?

Since we do almost every screen, we would like to say all, but infact, we work on all screens that we are equipped to do. So we work on HP, DELL, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, Asus, Acer, Toshiba.

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