Every Battery was never ment to be immortal. Even the most expensive types will stop charging and die. And that's why at TDR we know when it's time to change your battery or if it's time to boost it.


Battery Myths:

1. Rechargable batteries last forever.

Wrong., you can actualy make your rechargable batteries last very long by using them correctly. All Litium Ion Batteries will last a very very long time. and that is a function of charge to discharge cycles.... Best way to keep your batteries lasting forever is to charge them around half battery level to almost full charge. this way the cycles do not stress the battery.

2. I can always keep my Laptop plugged in and my battery is Healthy.

No, Do not do that, that will ruin your battery. Keeping your battery at 100% fully charged and using the computer at the same time might have really negative consiquences on the longevity of your battery.

3. Any Charger that fits is good enough for my laptop.

NO way! Do not ever think that.. Ever port that looks the same doesnt have to have the same voltages coming out of it ! remember even slightly different computer models might have a huge difference in voltage ratings! To avoid this you need to read the 


How can I make my laptop battery last longer?

Good question. First do not do any of the above, including leaving the laptop plugged in for long periods of time, don't fully discharge your laptop and always try to charge mid way not to over heat the battery or make it charge a full cycle. Remeber, do not use anyone elses charger. use the charger that came with your computer or buy a replacement that is rated for the correct voltage and amperes of the laptop.


Why should I replace my battery with TDR?

Do you know why, becuase we make sure you are covered A to Z during the entire process. Just bring in your laptop and charger and we will test out all the voltages on the spot, and give you a diagnosis same day. If you need a battery, then we will order it for you at no extra cost other than installation. Not all laptops need a battery replacement, some might need a charger, maybe both. What ever you might need to buy for your repair, you won't be up charged, we will diagnose every little detail of your charging problems and give you the cheapest options for your battery issues.



That's why so many people come to TDR for their Laptop battery Replacements!!

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