Power is the most important thing in computing. Without electricity we can't have a computer. And that is why at TDR we understand when your charger port is broken, that means your entire life is slowing down to a halt. No power no life, we will take care of it! 

Can you keep using a laptop with a damaged charging port safely?

The simple answer is no. And here is why, although the DC voltage that is coming out of your power supply is regulated, It is not made for interruption of flow. Meaning, If you interrupt flow the next surge of electrons might have more push or impedance causing some failures on the motherboard and damaging it. So just do not do it.. If your charger port is starting to get loose, save your self a few hundred bucks for a new motherboard and get your power jack repaired! 


Could the power jack break again after repair?

Of course it can.. Why not.. it is the same as the original one, so what ever method you have used to break it, hyou can use it again to break it.. but be sure to send it to TDR for repair , Again! 


Are charging ports cheap? How much is the jack repair?

Yes, Laptop Charging Ports are usually under $10 dollars.. that's not hte problem.. The issue here is the installation. The dissassemble, removal and reassembly of part and laptop.  Now any technician can take a Laptop apart an dput it back together, But not all can rework motherboards and fine solder the charging ports on correctly. SO the repairs will vary for the installation based on the difficulty level of the repair. Which includes discounts if only motherboards were to be repaired.


Can I send only the motherboard to get a port changed?

Yes you can, and that will also land you a discount. as most of the time spent is on the Level 0-1 Laptop repair. So we would rather give you that expert touch quickly and painlessly. Sending us the motherboard alone will land you discounts.

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