Virus Removal
Virus Removal

Computer feeling a little sluggish lately, huh? Some times you get banners and ads popping randomly? worried about your security and safety of your files?


Most people actually have Malware, Trojan-ware, Phishers, and other Viruses on their machines and they do not know it. Others have a pesky problem that is destroying the computer and performance and need immediate cleaning.

Consider your self protected with us. We will remove all traces of viruses, malware and others as well as consult you on preventative maintenance.


Types of Viruses:


Malware is a very common problem, they can be downloaded from any website viewed. Since websites have many different files they can load when you visit the page you will always be vulnerable to the attack. However. you can be protected and protect yourself with certain ad-dons and protection software to detect and remove the malware on the fly. Malware is a very common word for something that is a malformed software trying to do many different things. From getting your information to caching your cookies. They are not very dangerous but can be harmful to your system and privacy.


Trojans are very dirty! Coming from the word Trojan horse, usually it is an attack disguised into something else. You might think that you have downloaded a software for office or outlook or your windows system, but in fact it is a harmful software. Trojans can infect your system and stay there for days, months even years if not properly disinfected and removed. they can steal you CC, personal information, and can tke control of your entire computer! 


Easily explained, it spies on your system, from key click - key loggers - to camera vision!! The big security and departments use these viruses to spy on you. from SONY, to the FBI, they all have made custom software to spy on you. Yes spyware is something that is difficult to detect, it can often be implemented in your software. inside the kernel. Google and Apple have their own spyware software installed in every handheld device! yes it is a problem but you can not do much about it. Now those are the "good guys", how about the bad ones.. hmm well they spy too! 


by far the most malicious in terms of causing harm to the consumer! it comes in infects your documents PDFs and images. encrypts them and then asks for money usually in the form of crypto currency to try to collect and in hopes of giving you an unlock key for your files!!! ouch. some send money and some do not get the files back! do not support this attack, do not send any money! 



TDR Computer Virus Remediation Service:

So what do we do with all these issues online? we mitigate them. the only pure way to have a clean PC is prevention! do not get viruses and go looking for a cure! It is just not a good mentality. 

Remove Viruses

Clean malware

Install antivirus

Refresh windows copy

Increase security

Add Updates



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