We will diagnose all cisco switches and routers.

We do Fix some software and hardware issues. Most commonly cleaning the switches and routers from any sensitive data. We do recycle the cisco switches! 

Hardware Issues:

Broken Ports

No Power on PoE Ports

No Boot

No Power on Cisco Device


Software Issues

incorrect VLANs

Segmented Network

improper SSH encryption


How To Format your Cisco Switchs:

  1. First Download a copy of your firmware from the cisco website https://software.cisco.com/download/home/. There are a few, IP BASE should be sufficient if you are a newbie.
  2. Power on the switch/router in "safe" mode and in the prompt you must type : flash_init
  3. Then Format the Flash. using format flash: command
  4. you can view the folder content using the dir command dir flash:
  5. set BAUD 115200 to enable fast transfer
  6. issue command copy xmodem: flash:name_of_downloaded_firmware_here.bin
  7. make sure to use xmodem to transfer the file over ... the switch will be waiting the bin file transfer
  8. issue set BOOT flash:name_of_downloaded_firmware_here.bin
  9. unset BAUD
  10. then issue: boot

this should properly get you a clean flash on the switch.

For any other help contact us. 

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