Wireless Networking Connectivity is probably the most used technology in today's world. Without it you might feel left out! Don't be alone. bring us your WiFi or wireless enabled device and let us dissect and repair the problem. Whether you have a home office or a large enterprise TDR is here to help you with all of your wireless needs. 

Do not be a victim to the next hack attack. Yes hackers use tools such as Back track and kali to be able to penetrate your system, very easily and quickly. Some tools do not even require too much knowledge and 11 year old’s can get into your network! 

Seriously, today you need to follow some really strict rules, even though, you might still end up and find yourself the next victim of Wi-Fi attacks. The issue here is that when an attacker gets into your home or work Wi-Fi, he is basically sitting home next to you in your house. he can make phone calls, print documents, view cameras, and even sound alarms.. It is very alarming! 


What do you need to do to have a secure WiFi?

Interesting Question, which does not have any 1 right answer. However we can always say that the best way to secure a network is by utilizing as many mitigation techniques as possible. Currently there exists many vulnerabilities in networking devices, many of them come from the fact that adding security increases processing time and hence slows things down.. so in order for everyone to enjoy fast speeds we all agreed to be Open. However, we cannot continue to keep our networks open. We must secure the wifi radios with ever technique existing, not jeopardizing the speed of transfers,  

There are multiple techniques used to secure your network ... here are some of the basic methods used to stay up to date with being secure:


  1. Use WPA2 personal, not WEP or WPA
  2. Turn off your WPS.
  3. Use a passphrase that is longer than 20 characters long
  4. Change the router password for the admin account.


  1. Use WPA2 Enterprise with Radius Server
  2. Renew CA and change Accounts on regular schedule
  3. Password complexity Must be hardened to add special characters > 20 characters long
  4. Isolate Wi-Fi Host traffic from LAN traffic
  5. Use Proxies & traffic shaping
  6. Add Mac address filtering

Whether you want to go basic or advanced you will need to implement something. you can mix and match! no mitigation technique is secure enough. Securing a WiFi connection is not an easy task, and if you have sensitive family information and company related work, you do not want to be compromised! Just give us a call.


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Here at TDR we are very well equipped with the latest and greatest of Wi-Fi Surveying tools. We will do walk-throughs and user test cases to insure load and speed will be sufficient for your home, concert halls, or large public events.


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