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BLOD Repair Blog

All this PlayStation does is pulsate blue light
June 26, 2021
@techdevicerepair to the machine! ##tdr ##ps4 ##repair ##tech ##gaming ♬ original sound - Tech Device Repair Got this PlayStation does pulsate blue and everything CCO this is suddenly died first thing I want to try is removed the hard drive this can cause B. L. O. D.. It let's try all right and still nothing let's take this apart and put it on the machine here's the mobile to the machine we have the right here. All right we're in the cooling stage now all right it's kind of back together so we can test it and look at that it's got the white light show anything on the tester yes the screen. We got it right. for more information on BLOD repairs click here
PS4 Blod reflow
November 04, 2017
This PS4 was BLOD'ed ... Due to GPU. Blod is all different. This one was successful after a reflow!
Limited Edition PS4 with BLOD problem
July 01, 2017
This playstation needed a motherboard repair. We cleaned it and added the flux and was repaired with advanced Infrared machinies. Blue light to Fix in less than an hour.
BLOD PS4 Repair - Unusual
May 21, 2017
Customer came in with a pre disassembled motherboard for a fix. After inspecting the motherboard we have identified areas near the memory units where the customer may have caused physical damage. We have correct all the visible damage and reflowed the board. We were able to have it boot to white light. though it turns out that It is now a WLOD which is due to burning a chip during customer's meddling with device.