We repair the 3 beeps of death issue here. There are 2 types found so far. one with 3 bod with Blue light. and another with no lights at all. Both repairable.  They both stem from a data issue on the  PS5 and we are currently dissecting the issue further 
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To get your Three Beeps of Death issue fixed with us please visit the PlayStation 5 Repair Page

Another big one, that's a PlayStation 5. all right let's see what's wrong with it. it has a few huge hits on the bottom. reading the ticket, it doesn't start. is it going to turn on yep it does. the power is good and boom it turned off right away. let's take it apart.


it doesn't even have a warranty seal, I mean we're testing it here again, we see the fan is spinning and it does stay on and boom it turns off.... could be an overheating issue or something like that let's take a look.... so we got it down to the mother board..... here nothing out of the ordinary so far other than that we see an HDMI port replacement in the past... . It's such a weird system it turns on the freaking lights when you plug it in without even powering on, it turns on and powers on for a little bit. Let's test the power board maybe we can try different power supply.

and looking at the liquid metal, here there is an area that seems to not have as much liquid metal let's move some liquid metal into that area and test again I spread it around, so let's go... no still no go.

what kills me is when you plug it in it turns on the lights like that I've never seen a PlayStation 5 do that so there could be a serious issue here rather than just liquid metal but lets test. powered on. okay yeah I don't think this is the liquid metal or over heating problem..... I think there's something seriously wrong with either the power board or the storage so let's check the power first and then the storage

let's try a different power supply even when a good power supply does the same thing going back to the. Notion that the PlayStation 4 when it does the 3 beeps it's actually an overheating problem so I kind of tried to play around with the liquid metal again. Pretty good technique here to make it shine all over maybe... that was the problem..? the APU chip is also looking better.. still did the same thing when you plug in the power powers up a little bit there is something very funky with the system. 

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Let's try safe mode. Okay nope no safe mode so it seems like it's happening the second it tries to load up anything from the storage and this might be un repairable heatsink on the chip or still looking good maybe one of these trips over here he enough or not making contact okay I think it's the storage I'm gonna try to reflect this okay so we have the data here let's flush that okay so I plugged it in and nothing happened so that is a good sign let's try to power it on. We have it. Repaired!



first of a kind PS5 repair! 3 beeps of death... is it repairable?

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