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iPod Repair Blog

Touch 5 Home And Battery Replacement
November 19 2017
Battery that is designed specifically for anyone's Apple Ipod Touch 5. Ipod Touch 5 home and batter fixed at Tech Device Repair shop though at some point we find difficulty in repairing it but managed to fixed it with temperature controlled soldering iron and with a great degree of care with our expertise and experience in soldering logic board components.
iPod Touch Screen Stacks
September 28 2017
This is just our iPod touch Screen stack we have repaired in the past month. We refurbish the screens as well as work on every other aspect of the iPod devices. We are the iPod Experts. Unmatched Repair quality!
iPod Classic 6 Gen HDD & headphone jack
September 02 2017
Both Hard drive and head phone jacks on this iPod Classic were damaged on this classic device. It is now in working condition and is ready to be enjoyed!
iPod Touch 5 Battery replacement
September 01 2017
iPod touch 5 battery replacements can be a sneaky task. many thin flex cables and other components that are easily damaged on the removal process. This iPod touch battery replacement is a quick 15 minute job at our labs! we picked up the ipod damaged and delivered it repaired!
iPod Classic Mother Board repair.
July 12 2017
A few IC chips were burnt on this iPod Classic. After replacing we also noticed the clicker are not working so we replaced those as well.
iPod Nano 1st Gen Battery Replacement
March 27 2017
The iPod nano battery replacement service requires soldering and actual motherboard work. We successfully replace those batteries. Below are pictures of the iPod 1st gen internals and new battery dissasembled.