We repair iPod Air, Pro, Touch, Mini and Legacy. All broken screens repaired. All jacks replacements available. Battery Replacements!

iPod Cracked Screen repair

We repair all screens on all models of Apple iPods.

Battery Replacement

Fastest turn around battery replacement on all iPod models.

iPod's Headphone Jack replacement

Quick and easy repair of your headphone audio jack with TDR.

Booting issues and Software problems

Our software technicians and engineers are ready to handle most of the software problems that can appear on the iPod , Mini classic and touch versions.

Button replacement

All buttons are repairable and can be replaced with in a short period of time. Custom buttons are also available. 

iPod Board repair

Most water damaged and electrically shocked boards are almost imposssible to bring back to life, But not at TDR, we have the highest iPod baord repair yeild per order!


iPod Model List:

iPod Classic

iPod touch 1st Gen A1213

iPod touch 2nd Gen A1288

iPod touch 3rd Gen A1318

iPod touch 4th Gen A1367

iPod touch 5th Gen A1421 A1509

iPod Touch 5th Generation A1421, A1509

32 GB MD723, 64 GB MD724, 32 GB MD717, 64 GB MD718

32 GB MC903, 64 GB MC904, 32 GB MD749, 64 GB MD750

32 GB ME978, 64 GB ME979, 32 GB MD714, 64 GB MD715

32 GB MD720, 64 GB MD721

iPod touch 4th Generation A1367 Bootrom 574.4 BCG‑E2407

8 GB MC540, 16 GB ME178, 32 GB MC544, 64 GB MC547

8 GB MD057, 16 GB ME179, 32 GB MD058, 64 GB MD059 

Get In Touch

You can Chat with us, Submit a repair quote request or Simply call our 888 Number 888-659-3487 to start your mail-in repair order

Mail-In Repair Ticket

Once you have successfully contacted us and we know your device issues, Package & Ship your device to us to "Tech Device Repair, 5317 S Ridgewood Ave, Port Orange, FL 32127!

Device Fixed & Shipped

One of our expert repair technicians will evaluate the repair claim and start repairing your device when you pay the full repair amount quoted. We finally ship your device fully functional!