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HDMI Port Repair Blog

MiniMaxx Diesel Tuner for pick up trucks HDMI Port repair
November 14 2019
According to the customer the HDMI port has been broken, and he has tried to keep it on with crazy ...
Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH receiver HDMI Port repair
September 26 2019
The customer has removed the HDMI port board (AWX8871) from a working Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH recei ...
Xbox One X HDMI Port Replacement (No Video)
August 28 2019
The XB1X system suffers from the same issue of the poorly designed HDMI ports. If you use a bad HDM ...
Xbox 1s hdmi port replacement
April 16 2019
Xbox HDMI port replacement quality 100% #1 in the world. We do automatic repair on these.
PS4 HDMI port, With water damage
April 13 2019
Manuall repair done. Not automatic pick and place. Due to motherboard having to need a manual adjus ...
7-PIN ripped on a PS4 HDMI port
October 12 2018
This one PS4 came in from an attempted repair by a new shop. There is no issue in trying to repair ...
HDMI Port With Bridged Pins From Previous Repair
March 26 2018
PS4 HDMI Port replacement gone wrong, fixed at TDR! PlayStation 4 came in from a customer who had a ...
PlayStation 4 PRO (PS4 PRO) HDMI Port reflow
February 02 2018
PlayStation 4 Pro HDMI Port is Broken, and needs immediate repair. showing green and purple screen ...
PlayStation with fuzzy and purple screen
January 24 2018
HDMI Port replacement for a fuzzy, purple screen and no picture.
PS4 Slim HDMI port replacement
November 18 2017
At our shop we recieved a playstation 4 slim that needed the HDMI port replaced due to having it ja ...