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HDMI Port Repair Blog

MiniMax Diesel Tuner for pick up trucks
14 November 2019
According to the customer the HDMI port has been broken, and he has tried to keep it on with crazy glue. Ofcourse that will not last long, as microsoldering is necessary for any kind of motherboard repair these days. Customer statement this is an aftermarket tuner made by the company mini maxx by h & s which is out of business. However it is the same thing as a Bully Dog brand tuner model 40420 or 40428 Current HDMI status as the board arrived It was fully broken and 2 legs stuck in the throughholes with some damage to the pads. The hdmi port was completely removed from the board,broken right off. What makes this repair difficult is the fact that there is an LCD ont he other side that is not easily detachable, and is soldered on . The flex cable is sodlered tot he screen and attached to the motherboard in a way where it will be damaged if removed. So cleanup was a bit difficult. Cleanup Process So here is what we did. We used slight hot air on the board to heat it, making sure we do n...
Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH receiver HDMI Port repair
26 September 2019
The customer has removed the HDMI port board (AWX8871) from a working Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH receiver. The HDMI input ports have quit working and only the output port now works. The Customer stated that he definitely want to replace the three outputs. All of those went bad. Were you able to locate one output part? When I inspected the board it look damaged, but it appears that is how the port is supposed to be. Here is a tear down of the motherboard inside the Receiver: We have then Bought the replacement HDMI ports and once received we started the removal process. Removals and cleanings of the HDMI port area is very critical. See below picture of how to have the ports removed properly and cleaned for new installation Removal after removal and fixing the board up for replacement. We test the purchased brand new ports for fitment. Once we have perfect fitment then we start the micro-soldering process. Which includes soldering all the pins .and then properly adding the legs through hol...
Xbox One X HDMI Port Replacement (No Video)
28 August 2019
The XB1X system suffers from the same issue of the poorly designed HDMI ports. If you use a bad HDMI cable or slightly hit the port, it will break and dislodge fromt he motherboard. This is an issue that is repairable. And our quality of repairs here at TDR is unmatched. Take a look at the miccroscopic image of how perfectly our Ports are soldered on. Each pin is never touched by hand, and it is a fully automated process. Unbelievably amazing quality with warranty on each repair. We offer repairs to all local shops in america! yes they ship out the motherboards to us to repair for them becuase we are just hte best at this. The Xbox One X system is receiving love and care from our microsoldering technicians. here you can see a removed and cleaned motherboard ready for a fresh HDMI port. and this is the original broken port! .. it sucks to have to get this fixed. so to prevent this issue. do not drop your xbox! do not use old cheap HDMI cables! and be careful when inserting the cable .
8 Pins ripped off on this PS5 HDMI port repair!
21 May 2019
This PlayStation can in wiht 8 ripped pads! Luckily we have healed it to working order!
Xbox 1s hdmi port replacement
16 April 2019
Hdmi port replacement quality 100% #1 in the world. We do automatic repair on these.
PS4 HDMI port, With water damage
13 April 2019
Manuall repair done. Not automatic pick and place. Due to motherboard having to need a manual adjustment for the hdmi port placement.
7-PIN ripped on a PS4 HDMI port
12 October 2018
This one PS4 came in from an attempted repair by a new shop. There is no issue in trying to repair it. it is just time consuming... I think it is possible to rebuild every torn trace. but in this case we have 7. PS4 HDMI port repairs should very easy, but newbie common mistakes makes them much much harder later on. We had to clean and cut all the old traces. and start fresh with new port on the pads. Then we ran new traces to the pins. after assembling and testing all was good and we did not need to replace an diodes or caps! Each pin takes around 15 minutes to create properly. 2 hour job!
PS4 White Light Of Death (WLOD) No Picture after HDMI Port R...
23 April 2018
PlayStation 4 White Light of Death (WLOD) is no longer lethal! We bring these consoles back from the dead! If you've had an HDMI Port replacement and you still don't get picture, give us a call and send it over!
HDMI Port With Bridged Pins From Previous Repair
26 March 2018
HDMI Port replacement gone wrong, fixed at TDR! PlayStation 4 came in from a customer who had a replacement done at another shop. The repair shop also caused a BLOD by not putting the console back together correctly causing shorts on the motherboard. GET IT DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME AT TECH DEVICE REPAIR!
PlayStation 4 PRO (PS4 PRO) HDMI Port reflow
02 February 2018
PlayStation 4 Pro HDMI Port is Broken, and needs immediate repair. showing green and purple screen with lines...We did a reflow of the HDMI Port and worked like a charm.
PlayStation with fuzzy and purple screen
24 January 2018
HDMI Port replacement for a fuzzy, purple screen and no picture.
PS4 Slim HDMI port replacement
18 November 2017
At our shop we recieved a playstation 4 slim that needed the HDMI port replaced due to having it jammed hard and broken inside the motherboard and case.
HDMI Replacement by the other guys. No Bueno
21 October 2017
We recieved this HDMI port replacement job, after inspection we found that another well known shop attempted the repair.. Oh oy did they get it wrong! We cleaned up the bad job and replaced it under our microscopic workstations!
PS4 HDMI Tragedy
01 October 2017
This PlayStation came in suffering from a bad HDMI. After inspection we noticed that it was previously repaired, and more obiviously the horrendous previous HDMI replacement attempt by a competing repair brand. The Legs are not solder on correctly, this risks damage to the pins and board from accidental movements. it also makes it impossible to have an hdmi port that would work after 1 or 2 times! Come on! Don't waste your time somewhere else . Just get it done right here the first time at TDR! .
XB1S console with a broken HDMI port
28 September 2017
Due tot he fact that Xbox One S models' HDMI ports are not out in the parts market, It is a more challenging repair. Though we do have a solution. We replaced the HDMI OUT with the HDMI IN port as most users do not use that port. With consent from the owner we were able to repair there device. Though it does add an extra weight on the technicians shoulder to have to perfectly remove a component for replacement. It requires a few in depth steps than I am about to describe but the high level point picture of the repairs goes as follows: Disassemble the Xbox one, removing and cleaning out the motherboard completely. Ad flux and solder the the zinc solder with more less resistant solder material. With a heat gun at a good temperature above melting point but below burning heat up the part and remove it carefully. Clean out the pads with solder flux and clean out all the old solder. Align the HDMI port with the new placement on the motherboard. carefully through a 100x and above microscope....
PS4 HDMI port replacement
20 June 2017
We replaced the common broken PlayStation port with a golden HDMI port. Pictured below.
PS4 HDMI Chip Reflow
27 April 2017
We have successfuly Reflowed the HDMI processing chip on the PS4. Put the playstation back together. tested and working.
Xbox 1 HDMI Repair. Motherboard damage
21 April 2017
We repaired the HDMI port on a damaged HDMI motherboard. There were 2 ripped connection pads, and we were able to solder them to the appropriate signal. The Xbox: Working on the motherboard: Youtube video:
PlayStation 4 HDMI Port Repalcement
25 March 2017
At our Brooklyn location we replace many HDMI ports for the PS4, This is a specific blog for each of the replacement steps taken for a valued customer of ours. Dissassembly photos: Removal of shell: 0 Removal of bottom shell: Removal of motherboard: Shielding for rework: HDMI Replacement by our expert technician:
30 November 2016
We replaced the HDMI port on the PlayStation motherboard. tested, and working.