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PS4 1TB Hard Drive

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This is a blank 500GB compatible with your PS4.. you will need to install it yourself in yoru drive and flash your system for it to function. This is not a plug and play device. All hard drives must be married to the system they are installed in with a special flashing function... We will have links below on how to install your own hard drive. the tutorials should be released on our youtube channels soon.



  1. Remove the HDD plate cover.
  2. unscrew with a philips head 1 screw for the HDD.
  3. remove old hdd
  4. insert new hdd
  5. power on system
  6. Have a USB stick ready with the PS4 software.
  7. insert into PS4 and follow onscreen instructions.


If this is not something that you wanna do you can get the HDD upgrade service.


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