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Xbox One Headsets

Here you will find a collection of the best Xbox One headsets. Each one of these headsets have been made specifically for gaming on the xbox console. That means, simply they will be the best headsets for your gaming at the cheapest price.

How do you choose the best headset for you?

you have to ask yourself a few questions. First, do I need to be close to the TV? Do I need to be far from the TV? Is it noisy where I play my games? or do I need to be able to hear things around me incase anything happens? Those are perfect questions to start answering right now... In order to find out which headset is best for you, You have to know what you will be looking for. 

Noise Canceling

This is a must get if you are going to be playing around lots of people. Some will play in big busy living rooms, others might play on a portable system on the bus or train! In both cases you don't want to over power the noise by loud sound rather by canceling the noise from the outside completely

Long Extension

It is really nice to be able to walk to the kitchen grab a snack and come back. All of that without losing the 100% noise free quality you get from being directly wired to the Xbox!


And if you don'r really care about the quality so much as the freedom, then wireless is the way to go! Being able to have full mobility is not only clutter free but keeps you relaxed as you move around and play your favorit game.

Light Weight

Whether you go wireless or wired, every headset is designed ifferently. some will fit you better than others, some will feel lighter some willbe heavier. but most importantly is how you feel wearing them and playing your game.


Wireless Vs Wired

We all want everything technology has to offer. Yet not everything that comes out is cheap or even polished enough for consumer the consumer market, and that is why Wireless and Wired headsets will just not be the same. Wireless headsets have come a long way. Bluetooth technology has advanced very far, and sound quality has gotten soo much better, that even for advanced gamer the quality difference between that and it's original rival, the wired headset, to be obsolete... Moreover, the wired headset will always take the cake, nothing will beats the noiseless quality of copper wire...


Do you care to game alone?

Don't you hate it when someone wakes up in the middle of the night when you are playing games and they hear a Street Fighter haduken, or a Call of Duty gun shot! ? We all do hate that one person that doesnt care about others.. Don't be that guy, and get yourself a headset!

Headsets for gaming are not only good for others, but they are good for you too. they provide the best gaming experience. Your surround sound straight in your ear.and the mic straight at your vocal cords, always sending sound and listening to sound. 


The Xbox One is an amazing system and requires and Amazing headsety to go with it.


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Xbox One Headsets

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