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TV Clip Mount Stand Holder Bracket for Xbox One Kinect Sensor High Quality Accessory

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xbox1access KNCT MNT1
xbox1access KNCT MNT2
xbox1access KNCT MNT3
Description The Kinect 2.0 mounting clip for Xbox one is the optimized solution for mounting kinect 2.0 above your flat panel HDTV.Made of durable and smooth materials, holds your Xbox One Kinect sensor securely in place.The Clips grip simply clips into place over the Kinect sensor to ensure it stays in place and provides optimum tracking during game play.The secure locking mechanism keeps the Kinect sensor in place, protecting it from damage while maintaining a smart, stylish look.Easy to clean, adjust, attach and remove and the perfect solution for wall mounted televisions.Packages: 1 X TV Clip Mount for Xbox One Kinect Sensor


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