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Repairing all motherboards for all laptops, desktops, graphics cards, tv boards, PlayStations, Xboxes, and much more. Specific motherboard repair options are available. 

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HDMI Port Relacement of All Devices


HDMI port replacement


HDMI port replacement


MotherBoard Rework

TV / Graphics Cards

HDMI port replacement

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I had my grandson’s Ps4 repaired. I tried having it fixed locally and was quoted $150, but there was no guarantee, it would work. I sent it to TDR and it was repaired quickly for under $70. The tracking of the repair was very helpful. Thanks!!!!

Synthia Smit

Happy client

TDR is a well known brand name established in 2013 in efforts to repair damaged motherboards. We specialize in BGA, Through-Hole, SMD, QFN and other custom package component assembly and rework. In  layman’s terms that means we repair motherboards. We are the leaders in HDMI repairs, and continue to excel in other on-board components. You can find our viral videos and repair example all on YouTube and Tiktok, Our community is growing larger every year and we are happy to continue producing quality repairs watched by millions of viewers world wide. 

Thank you for choosing TDR as your central source for technological device repairs, parts, integration and modification. We offer unbeatable Mail-In Repair services. We are happy to receive your broken packages and ship them back fixed like new. Nothing beats the quality of a repairs Lab.

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Tech Device Repair

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90-day warranty and a 2-year guarantee with every repair.


Your 100% satisfaction is our first responsibility.


We charge and provide quality work  guranteed.


Our responsibility is to repair your device safely.

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Why Choose TDR services?

Our missions started 15 years ago as we started to repair most of the time technological devices. We were dedicated to learning most of the hardware requirements and implementations. We got certified and accredited by major Universities and Trade schools. We Understand how electricity transforms into a device that can allow you to communicate with the world. Whether you have a Phone, Computer, or gaming system, these tech devices have shaped our lives. Some we can not live without, We offer the fastest turnaround time for most repairs, and we will guarantee you a warranty on each type of repair performed.

Are you looking to fix your device’s HDMI port?

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will the liquid metal seep out from in between the APU and heatsink? no... other leakage due to glue possible. and I choose UPSIDE DOWN HORIZONTAL to protect my bluray and hdmi from an accidental knock...

♬ original sound - Tech Device Repair
@techdevicerepair Could this sim card really unlock any iPhone? #iphone #repair #part1 ♬ original sound - Tech Device Repair

Molten ethernet port on an Xbox One.. wait for it.

♬ original sound - Tech Device Repair
Dropped off my Xbox Series X with a broken HDMI port and less than 24 hours later it was fixed with no issues. Great prices and response time! If you have a problem with your Tech bring it here!
Had my key fob for my car done amazing work, done quick, great price!
fantastic! fixed my xbox one S like nothin and sent it right back lickity split. incredible team over there at TDR.
Very fast communication is on point I recommend
quick and quality work, non expensive
good service, very knowledgeable about repairs... thanks for all your help