• TDR is Here
    TDR is Here!

    Tech Device Repair Specializes in all technological devices repairs. Computers, Cell Phones (iPhone & Android), Xbox's (One & 360), PlayStation's (PS4 & PS3)

  • Every Computer
    Every Computer

    We repair all computers systems, PC, Mac and Linux

  • Gaming Systems Experts
    Gaming Systems Experts

    We repair Xbox, PlayStation and Wii systems.. We are the Gaming System Experts

  • Handheld & Mobile Devices
    Handheld & Mobile Devices

    We repair many Cell Phones, Hand Held devices and smaller touch devices, including iPods and MS Surfaces

Tech Device Repair ♻️ TDR

Tech Device Repair ♻️ TDR

Request A Repair

Simply Call our 888 Number 888-659-3487 or Click here to Start Your Repair process, Please wait for a phone call or email confirmation

Repair Ticket

Shortly You will recieve your repair confirmation and ticket number by email, or your preferred method. You can use your ticket number to track your entire repair process

Device Fixed

Once you are happy with the repair, you can pay for your repair directly or online for mail-in repairs. Remember to send us your receipt for an instant 2% cash back

Why Choose TDR services?

Our missions started 15 years ago as we started to repair most of the times technological devices. We were dedicated to learn most of the hardware requirements and implementations. We got certified and accredited by major Universities and Trade schools. We Understand how electricity transforms into a device that can allow you to communicate to the world.

Whether you have a Phone, Computer, or gaming system, these tech devices have definitely shaped our lives. Some we can not live with out, We offer the fastest turn around time for most repairs, and we will guarantee you a warranty on each type of repair performed.

TDR News

TDR is now in the Heart of the Big Apple
07 January 2019
Tech Device Repair has opened it's doors to what some call the best place on earth. The Big Apple, New York City. Be there in the beginnings of it all. Knowing that you can count on the excellent service of TDR, we will not be increasing our prices for the NYC area. so all of you who live in the high paced expensive world, Our repairs stay cheap and definitely cheaper than all our competitors. Where is the new location? It is located in Korea Town/Chelsea on W 28th Street. The building number to be exact is 57. So let's put all of that together 57 W 28th Street, New York, New York 10001 Update: We have moved to 221 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003 !! check out our new manahttan location! What services are offered in this location? All of the TDR services are through lab repairs so be reassured that it will be manufacturer quality. So no novice technicians touching your equipment. Expect 7-14 day turn around time on most repairs. Can I buy anything at this location? Yea, This is a Wireles...
Xbox, PlayStation, Computers & All Wireless Repairs in Miami
02 November 2018
The long awaited TDR Labs in Miami has opened it's doors! This repair lab is open for all members of the TDR network! It is also however another mail in repair center, just as another way to tell you how much we appreciate your business and allowing the continued support. We will be repairing, Xbox's PlayStation's, Computers, and all wireless devices. We will be enabling a Labs 2.0 factor of Drop-off style locations in the area so Our direct consumers can have access to the great quality our shops have access to. If you are a shop and would like to partner with the TDR network please contact us online and we will be glad to be servicing your devices. We are experts in the micro-soldering world, so let us be a helping hand here in Miami and allow us to boost your overall business offerings.
Pick-up & Delivery in Miami!! 7-day!
15 January 2018
We are happy to announce that TDR is now open for pickup and delivery in Miami, Florida! We are extending our services to this area due to high demand of the Xbox, PlayStation and handheld repair services in South Florida we were able to extend our services there. with the same excellent quality of TDR in NYC!!! We are here for the entire 50 states and will be launching in your neighborhood soon! This service is only for pick up and delivery and there is no drop off location to the general public. The Kiosk will be opening last quarter of 2018.
TDR Head Quarters has moved to Borough Park!!
01 September 2017
TDR was located in the outskirts of Bay Ridge and has upgraded to a Kiosk + Back office. With the constant use of TDR labs, Our front end can deliver 30 minute to 3 day turn around repairs on advertised known problems. Our Borough Park location accepts all walk-ins and appointments. Please request a quote to start an appointment or repair!
TDR has opened its doors in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (Moved-Close...
06 April 2017
We have opened our doors to Brooklyn, We are accepting Mail in repairs, walk-ins and by appointment. Please see our signs at 229 65th street.