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Are you looking to start a repair with TDR? You have come to the right place, Please choose from the options above, Mail – In repair, In-Store Repair, and Pickup & Delivery Repairs available in participating locations. 

Mail-In Repairs:

Our mail in repair service is guaranteed the fastest cheapest way to get your systems repaired. Why is that, well simply put our laboratory receives all types if devices in bulk and technicians are on stand by ready to start repairing your delivered electronics.

You can purchase the mail-in return label and apply it to your box.. You can purchase a return label here :

In-Store Repairs:

If you do not want to mail in your system, and just want to drop your device to a location near you, Then you are able to do so. Please note that most soldering and Lab work on Level 4/5 type repairs will be sent out to the laboratory for repairs. As these require specific expertise and heavy machinery that you can not find in a local glass storefront.

Pick Up & Delivery:

Coming soon….. If you happen to be immobile and do not want to leave the comfort of your own home, we can provide pickup and delivery options for your devices to be repaired. There is a small deposit you might have to pay for the convenience of the service.

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