Cisco Switch Repair

We do Fix some software and hardware issues. Most commonly cleaning the switches and routers from any sensitive data. We do recycle the cisco switches! 

Hardware Issues:

Broken Ports

No Power on PoE Ports

No Boot

No Power on Cisco Device


Software Issues

incorrect VLANs

Segmented Network

improper SSH encryption


How To Format your Cisco Switches:

  1. First Download a copy of your firmware from the cisco website There are a few, IP BASE should be sufficient if you are a newbie.
  2. Power on the switch/router in “safe” mode and in the prompt you must type : flash_init
  3. Then Format the Flash. using format flash: command
  4. you can view the folder content using the dir command dir flash:
  5. set BAUD 115200 to enable fast transfer
  6. issue command copy xmodem: flash:name_of_downloaded_firmware_here.bin
  7. make sure to use xmodem to transfer the file over … the switch will be waiting the bin file transfer
  8. issue set BOOT flash:name_of_downloaded_firmware_here.bin
  9. unset BAUD
  10. then issue: boot

this should properly get you a clean flash on the switch.

For any other help contact us. 

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