TDR On-The-Go (Mobile Repair Shop)

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TDR On-The-Go (Mobile Repair Shop)

TDR is now mobile, offering on-site repairs for your devices. Whether at your office, home, or shop, TDR comes to you with their mobile repair services, including pick-up and delivery in selected areas. Specializing in micro soldering of ports, HDMI, and USB, TDR ensures efficient and precise repairs.

Other Services

Console Repair

Fast PlayStation and Xbox fixes, including HDMI port replacements, for uninterrupted gaming.

Laptop Service

Expert laptop services, specializing in motherboard repairs for reliable performance.

Computer Repair

Desktop repairs, focusing on motherboard reworks and critical component maintenance.

Phone Repair

Quick fixes for smartphones, ensuring rapid resolution of issues to keep you connected.

Tablet Repair

Expert repairs for tablets, including screen and component fixes, restoring functionality swiftly.

Electronics Repair

Specialized services, from TVs to graphics cards, ensuring thorough repairs and optimal performance.

Insite Repair

Create a Mail-in Repair Ticket

Contact us via chat, submit a repair quote, or call us at 888-659-3487 to initiate your repair. Upon receiving your repair ticket, ship your device to the provided address. Our technicians will promptly repair and return your device once payment is completed.

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TDR On-The-Go (Mobile Repair Shop)

Table of Contents

TDR Mobile Repair Services – Enhanced Details

The Perfect repair with the TDR Truck at your home!

Yes, that is right—TDR is now on the road, ready to service you anywhere you are! At your office, home, or shop, just call us and make an appointment. We also offer pick-up and delivery services in selected neighborhoods, so forget searching for “near me” because now we are always near you!

Our TDR squad is ready to service you at the convenience of your location. Let them come with The TDR Truck to repair your system ASAP!

Specifically tailored to doing Micro soldering of Ports , HDMI and USB as efficiently and accurately microscopically measured as possible.

Mobile PlayStation Repair

We repair PlayStation 5 and 4 on the road. Call us and make an appointment! We fix PS5 HDMI, no video, and USB port issues at your home or office. We also handle no-power repairs and more. Major repairs will be taken to our in-house facility. Diagnostics at TDR are always free, and we ensure this continues in the mobile repair shop. Appointments can happen instantly, so start a repair and get scheduled!

  • HDMI Port Repairs: Resolving broken or malfunctioning HDMI ports.
  • No Video Output: Fixing issues where there is no video output to the TV or monitor.
  • USB Port Issues: Repairing or replacing faulty USB ports.
  • Power Issues: Addressing no-power or intermittent power issues.

Mobile Xbox Repair

We clean and fix all your Xboxes with the same quality in the mobile repair shop. We repair Xbox One, Series S, and X, and we are working on adding retro gaming systems. Most HDMI issues, port issues, and no video problems will be serviced on the road! No-power repairs may need to be taken back to the warehouse/LAB for further diagnostics and repair.

  • HDMI Port Repairs: Fixing HDMI connectivity issues.
  • No Video Output: Addressing problems with video output.
  • Port Repairs: Fixing USB and other port issues.
  • General Clean and Maintenance: Ensuring your console is clean and running smoothly.

Mobile iPhone Repair

We come to you to fix your iPhone! This specific service is coming soon to the mobile repair shop. However, we can pick up and deliver it back to you quickly—no need to travel to our stores. At our stores, we do LCD replacements, back cover replacements, and much more.

  • Screen Replacement: Fixing cracked or broken screens.
  • Battery Replacement: Replacing old or malfunctioning batteries.
  • Back Cover Replacement: Repairing or replacing the back cover.
  • Port Repairs: Fixing charging ports and other connection issues.

Mobile Computer Repair

Most computer problems are software-related, and we can definitely help with that. However, longer repairs will be taken back to our LAB, and we will fix and deliver right back to you. Fast fixes can be done on the spot. Hardware issues like laptop screens and motherboard issues requiring expert soldering can be done on the spot or taken back to the lab as needed.

  • Software Troubleshooting: Resolving OS and software issues.
  • Screen Replacement: Fixing broken or malfunctioning screens.
  • Motherboard Repairs: Addressing hardware issues on the motherboard.
  • Port Repairs: Fixing USB, HDMI, and other port issues.

Mobile Motherboard Micro-Soldering

If you own a repair shop or are a technician needing micro-soldering, we have you covered! Call us for special pricing, and we will service your customers on the spot, quick and easy, same day. Add HDMI port repairs and many other specialties to your list of services. All micro-soldering jobs are tested with a multimeter and inspected with a microscope.

  • Micro-Soldering: Precision repairs on small components.
  • HDMI Port Repairs: Fixing HDMI connections on motherboards.
  • Component Replacement: Replacing faulty components on the motherboard.

Become a TDR Drop-off Location

Enjoy same-day services if you are close to our LABs. Call us to discuss becoming a TDR drop-off location, increasing your foot traffic and income greatly. Limited locations are available due to the mile distance requirement between each TDR location. Reserve your spot—you don’t want to miss this!

TDR In Home HDMI repair service.

Mobile HDMI Repairs

We specialize in HDMI port replacement for all devices, including PlayStation, Xbox, motherboards, TVs, graphics cards, laptops, and other devices. Whether you have a broken HDMI port on a gaming console, computer, or TV, we can fix it on the go or at our lab, ensuring high-quality repairs and customer satisfaction.

  • PlayStation HDMI Repairs: Fixing HDMI ports on PS5 and PS4.
  • Xbox HDMI Repairs: Addressing HDMI issues on Xbox One and Series consoles.
  • Computer HDMI Repairs: Fixing HDMI ports on laptops and desktops.
  • TV HDMI Repairs: Repairing HDMI ports on various TV models.
  • Graphics Card HDMI Repairs: Fixing HDMI connections on graphics cards.

Call us or click the start a repair button and make an appointment!