PS4 Blue Light of Death (BLOD) Repair Service

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PS4 Blue Light of Death (BLOD) Repair Service

At Tech Device Repair, we specialize in repairing all types of Blue Light of Death issues on the PS4. Whether your console shows a constant blue light, briefly flashes blue, or exhibits intermittent blue light issues, we have the expertise to diagnose and repair them.

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PS4 Blue Light of Death (BLOD) Repair Service

Table of Contents

At Tech Device Repair we have repaired all the Blue light of death issues. The BLOD is also known as the worst type of error you can get on the PS4, Usually, it means that you only see a blue light, no video, and no audio, sometimes the blue light comes and goes, and sometimes it dies. Whether the blue light bar is constant or the blue light comes on for a second and turns off, Most people label the issue as BLOD. If you have experienced a constant or temporary blue light of death issue you are in luck because we have studied the issues and can repair most of them. Keep reading to find out more about the issue.

Types of BLOD

There are 3 major types of BLOD and we will explore them more in detail. 

Type I ( instant shutdown )

When you experience a BLOD where the light bar turns blue for a fraction of a second and then goes away, you are experiencing a no-power type of BLOD. The no-power BLOD can be caused by various things. The power supply, the motherboard main chip APU, or secondary and ternary chips on the board that has died and shorted out. This could also mean that fuses have blown and other major power components went bad. Repairability is about 80%! due to the large number of chips on the board, some PlayStations will just be too time-consuming to locate the fault. No worries however we have figured out most of these issues! 

Type II ( blue light 1-5 seconds )

This issue is a very common issue when it comes to updating your system and a sudden shutdown. or other factors that can corrupt the software written on the internals of the board. This issue is detailed in our YouTube channel and we are slowly learning more and more about the encryption of the system. it is a very difficult one however to recover from. Repairability is about 50%. why so? Well, the issue with a system that has written encrypted data first needs to be decrypted then fixed and re-encrypted. unfortunately, we do not have the means to encrypt the software as Sony does not let that information out to repair shops. So we are stuck repairing the easier issues of incorrect/misplaced data, as we can move it around to the locations they need to be to get the BLOD repaired. 

Type III ( constant blue light )

This one is the more common of all the issues when it comes to the BLOD. this is a design flaw in the system that we have detected and can repair! still not at 100% but pretty much close to it. due to the difficulty of such a repair to the constant blue light. human error can occur and other factors can hinder the repair. That’s why we give this repair a 95% Repair-ability rating. There are a few chips that can have an issue where it makes your system constantly blue light with no sight of an end or a white bar. Even during this state, you can not press the power button to shut it down! We have studied this issue and have specialized equipment to try to recover from it! The equipment ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands and hence why we have such great repair rates. 

Is your PS4 experiencing the Blue Light of Death?

Consider these few tips to get your PS4 repaired. 

Tips on how to find out if your console is repairable from the BLOD (TYPE I & III) plague… 

Trick 1:

  1. Turn off your PS4
  2. Wait a few seconds. 
  3. Tap 2 tough taps on the top middle of your PS4
  4. Say what!!? the PS4 is no longer the blue light of death?? 
  5. wrong. it is.. it will just turn on a few times and crash

Do not do this more than once!

Trick 2:

There is also another BLOD trick to know if your system can be repaired. If you have ever done the “Washer Method” and got your system to work for an hour, day, week, or even a month then it died again. then you have a chance of getting a repair, however, prolonged usage of the washers might cause permanent damage to your board causing it to be unrepairable professionally by our techniques and machinery. The washer method is adding pressure on the APU to regain a temporary connection of the BGA on the chip. 

So what now?

If you have successfully gone ahead and got the blue light temporarily fixed.. then no worries we can permanently fix your machine using the latest and greatest of motherboard re-manufacturing machines. This fix is a very specific repair, which requires a reflow or a rebelling of the system. At TDR we will be revealing each individual upon request. 

When a system is reballed we do not lose your data. however it is not guaranteed, you might have corrupted the data while trying out a few things, or the data could have been corrupted when the PS4 crashed the final time. In either case, this is repairable, and we have a 99% success rate on all data issues when it comes to a BLOD.


  1. Constant Blue Light
  2. Blue light comes on once and goes off
  3. No video and the light keeps blinking


Some people in the industry have argued that the blue light of death can be repaired by simply using a bunch of washers and tightening them. whilst that may work for an hour a day  2 or some rare cases a few months. the temporary rigging to the PlayStation will cause undoable damage when it comes to the time of trying to repair your PlayStation.

Here is why…

What happens is that the APU of the PS4 separates from the motherboard by a fracture hairline tear invisible to the naked eye. this causes some time touching or no touch of material breaking conductivity. In this case, we will need to re-solder the entire chip back on… The only reason a washer method will harm you is that you start to deform the chip and the motherboard as well as the solder joints causing warping to your hardware. When it comes time to melt everything and put it back together … the chip and the motherboard might not fit properly and so you might have caused yourself what we call, an eternal BLOD …

Where can you get the PlayStation 4 BLOD issue repaired?

You came to the right place! right here at TDR, we specialize in some of the most advanced techniques required to repair BGA, that is what the APU on the PS4 is. and is not something not worth mentioning. Not many can touch it and most repair experts in gaming consoles stay away from it. They all come to TDR for this. Request a repair quote below.

Call us today!

if you have no video and the light goes to White. then you have the White Light of Death Issue… And is repairable.

PlayStation 4 BLOD Repair Blog

All this PlayStation does is pulsate blue light

Got this PlayStation that does pulsate blue and everything CCO this suddenly dies first thing I want to try is removed the hard drive this can cause B. L. O. D… It let’s try all right and still nothing let’s take this apart and put it on the machine here’s the mobile to the machine we have the right here. All right we’re in the cooling stage now it’s kind of back together so we can test it and look at that it’s got the white light to show anything on the tester yes the screen. We got it right.

PS4 Blod reflow

This PS4 was BLOD’ed … Due to GPU. Blod is all different. This one was successful after a reflow! 

Limited Edition PS4 with BLOD problem

This PlayStation needed a motherboard repair. We cleaned it and added the flux and was repaired with advanced Infrared machines. Blue light to Fix in less than an hour.

BLOD PS4 Repair – Unusual

A customer came in with a pre-disassembled motherboard for a fix. After inspecting the motherboard we have identified areas near the memory units where the customer may have caused physical damage. 

We have corrected all the visible damage and reflowed the board. We were able to have it boot to white light. though it turns out that It is now a WLOD which is due to burning a chip during the customer’s meddling with the device.