Nintendo Switch Charger Port Repair Service

We are the leaders of port repairs. We have successfully replaced thousands of charging ports throughout the years and we have been known to produce quality warrantable work.  The Nintendo Switch USB C charging port serves as a power inlet and a communication port for the system and the docking station. 

When the port is broken it can damage to the other circuits it is attached to. It could also cause a system to have a no-power issue even after the port has been replaced successfully. So with that in mind. first, we must replace the port, and then we must test the system for other vitals. 

Your Switch will not charge or power on if the port is physically broken. and you can know it is broken when you see any odd wires, or pins shining imperfectly. 

How much is the charger port repair service? 

Usually, we keep to reduce costs for repairs on a bi-yearly basis, so for current pricing please fill out the start a repair form on our website. However, generally, most ports cost less than a hundred dollars to replace on handheld gaming consoles.  In the rare case that you have motherboard damage, the techs will assess and email you the new estimates. 

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  1. My Nintendo switch works well in handheld mode and can be charged fine. However, when placed in official docker and connected with official adapter and official hdmi cables to TV, the hdmi signal could not be found, i.e. a black screen on TV with correct hdmi signal source. Then if you take the console out of the docker after that, the console is dead with black screen and I need to press and hold the power button for couple of seconds to hard restart it. Yes, the docker, adapter and cables are all good and are tested with other console. I have also tried with other TV/monitor, but the same black screen result. Can this be fixed? And what’s the price? Thanks.

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