HDMI Port Repair Service

Most rework on motherboards today is on the micro-scale. HDMI ports are no different. Most pins of HDMI port are about .2 mm apart and require careful precision to rework. Some HDMI ports are harder than others to install. That is due to many factors. Some of the contributions is caused by the physical attributes of the design of the PCB board to the HDMI port placed. 

Our HDMI port Replacement Quality


The bigger the size of the pads the easier it is to reflow, and the harder it is to not make bridged when reworking manually. 


We have found it easier to use copper pins for HDMI ports. Other HDMI port materials tend to have a higher temperature of melting and, therefore, cause more thermal stress to the reworked board. Some of these do not allow for reflowing as they are too brittle and must be installed manually. 


Some HDMI ports are designed Pick-n-Place Friendly, but Some are not! Some can be easily worked on manually some are not. Just due to different design factors, and special etching, some ports become pros, and cons, for either manual or remanufactured methods.

Board Damage

Some Issues can arise from tech errors and other repair facilities that we can do our best at correcting.

Ripped pads

There are times when an attempted repair for an HDMI port causes further damage to the board. due to high heat, improper fluxes, and other mistakes, a technician can make reworking today’s electronics. We have repaired many of these issues. Though time-consuming we do our best to run new traces to the pads from their output locations. 

We repair most of today’s HDMI ports in most electronics.

For more information please see the links below to have a closer look at each type of device port replacement that we do.

Laptop HDMI Port Replacement

PlayStation 4 (PS4) HDMI Port Replacement & Repair Service

Xbox Series X/S HDMI Port Repair Service

PlayStation 5 (PS5) HDMI Port Repair and Replacement Service

TV HDMI port replacement

Any motherboard with an HDMI port that is soldered on, can be removed and replaced. For motherboards that we do not carry parts for, you can provide your HDMI port for installation. 

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