H&S Performance XRT Pro Downloader Tuner HDMI Repair

These tuners are pretty expensive and they do get over used. The choice of an HDMI port might a strange one. but you do need 19 pins of communication. 

This HDMI port often breaks, but no worries we do repair her at TDR. We remove the old port clean and solder a new port on.

There are many other issues that could happen on the XRT Pro tuner system. Before thinking it is broken. first check your HDMI cable to the car connector. sometimes that thing is broken. and you just need a new one. Sometimes it is the HDMI, and in rare cases it is the motherboard, as some people break it doing DIY fixes and home attempts at getting a picture from these things if the do break.

do not forget a bit of isopropyl alcohol in the HDMI port can help clean it out for a better connection. 

If you need a repair please click on the start a repair button.

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