Laptop HDMI Port Replacement

We repair all Laptop HDMI ports. Most commonly the HDMI port does break if the computer falls or the HDMI cable gets pulled. You might need the HDMI for TV viewing or PowerPoint presentations. Not that many shops are qualified or have the know-how to repair these. We do all kinds of motherboard rework, and we specialize in Video signaling ports. specifically the HDMI port. The fix is simply a replacement of the HDMI. or the HDMI circuit. Ever has failed we diagnose and replace.

We work on all model laptops’ motherboards. 

1) Hewlett-Packard Laptops
2) Lenovo Laptops
3) Dell Laptops
4) Asus Laptops
5) Apple Laptops
6) Acer Laptops
7) Microsoft Laptops
8) Razer
9) MSI
10) Samsung
11) Iball
12) Chromebook
13) Toshiba Laptops

For General information on all the other HDMI port repairs that we d.

Just fill out the repair request form and add your laptop’s model and a brief description of the HDMI issue you are having and we will answer in minutes to a few hours max. 

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