PS4 Blu-ray Drive Repair Service

When your PS4 Blu-ray disc drive starts to fail, it could be a simple fix, However, In some of the most severe cases, whether it was water damage or physical damage to the drive and the board, we are equipped to do a complete Blu-Ray Drive replacement. This means replacing the drive and Re-marrying the chips on the board.

Troubleshooting of a bad Blu-Ray drive:

  1. While your PS4 is powered off, Use a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disc and insert it into the Blu-Ray Drive. The system should power up. a good sign.
  2. The Motor should start spinning to try to take your disc in… Wait for the driver to finish taking the disc in. another good sign
  3. The drive should do sudden moves, and the CD should spin inside the Blu-Ray drive. The drive is almost there reading your disc.
  4. on your TV, you will see a spinning / flashing CD logo wait for it.
  5. A game should load the icon image.
  6. Then you can press start to load the game. 
  7. Wait a few seconds and if your game is running. then nothing to worry about your drive. It most likely does not need a full Blu-Ray drive replacement.

How do we replace a Blu-Ray Drive on a PS4?

There are a few steps in the preparation of a replacement Blu-Ray drive. For models, 1215A Replacements do not require re-marrying the chip, and repairs are considerably different. The drivers and chips are on the motherboard, and if you have issues with the hardware it is a different repair.

  1. You will need a donor board or the driver chips for replacements on the daughter board. 
  2. First, we need to disassemble the PlayStation.
  3. Remove the first drive, and replace it.
  4. Remove both Blu-Ray boards.
  5. Desolder the Main Chip (encrypted) ** main step
  6. clean the host board, and solder the Main chip to the new daughter board
  7. Test and you should be good to go.

If these steps seem cumbersome to you, don’t worry they are level 8/10 difficulty for an experienced professional. No worries though. we can help you. Check out the video below to see how we repair it.

Do all PlayStation 4 drives that are broken have to be replaced?

Not all have to be replaced or can be replaced. If you have Error CE-35888-2 and you try to remarry you will still have that error, because you do not have the original chip. Now you still do not need to remarry drives that have daughter boards that can be repaired. Most boards are repairable and only in extreme cases do we have to remarry drives.

PlayStation 4 Blu-ray Repair Blog

PS4 Slim Bluray issues

The disc was stuck and not ejecting. It turns out that the disc holder magnet was completely dislocated. And the joints were not in place. we have reattached the magnets and tested the gears. and It seems like this was a PS4 dropped damage as things have moved out of place and needed re-alignment. 

PS4 Blu-Ray Controller water damage

The PlayStation had water damage! And needed to be inspected, after the water damage oxidization was cleaned we noticed burnt pads on the board. At our motherboard repair center, we were able to have the pad patched, and a new controller chip installed in the PS4. 

PS4 Blu-Ray drive mechanical issues

We received a PlayStation 4 system with a broken Blu-ray. We disassembled  The entire drive and found out that there were foreign objects stuck inside the drive not allowing the mechanics to work properly. After removal and retesting the drive worked though some of the gears were broken so It is fully functioning but noisy.

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