Nintendo Switch Repair Service

The Nintendo Switch is a beloved hand-held for many gamers. However, it is small and delicate and has a lot of moving parts. It does break over time from use, overuse, and abuse.  You might have dropped it or spilled a liquid on it and now it is broken. No worries, at TDR we have started to work on these consoles. 

Charger Port Repair

A most common issue is people breaking the charger port, It might be loose and hairy to charge. Some may be fully broken, and some are just dirty or water damaged. We completely replace those ports with new ones.

No Power Repair

The Switch can get faulty and die on you. They do have a few motherboard issues that we have figured out the solutions to. That said not all no power switches are repairable. Some can never come back to life as the main APU chip burns out on these and it is widespread. No, fix No Fee.

BSOD ( Blue Screen Of Death )

This is a very annoying issue, it can be caused by using bad dock stations or other non-Nintendo hardware add-ons. However, it can be caused by the system itself! The motherboard can go wrong and will need repairs. 

BSOD can also be caused by bad software of the operating system of the switch console. In all cases, we do our best to repair the system. Not all BSODs are repairable however we have revived a few. 

LCD Connector repair

Some DIY techs have caused this issue while cleaning or simple screen replacements. Due to the brittle nature of the LCD connector, it can get damaged and will need to be replaced. 

Nintendo Switch Repair Blog

Nintendo Switch LCD connector replacement

We have received a Nintendo Switch that does not power on! First, we identified the issue. and repaired the motherboard, however, we also noticed that the screen connector is broken. So we replaced the connector. However, it also has a blue screen of death.

So this specific Nintendo Switch has 3 different problems. 

The Blue Screen of Death issue can be caused by so many different things … It will be a headache to identify and repair.


  1. Hi I just need a quote. (Wet Nintendo Switch) My daughter spilled water in a computer bag that had the Nintendo switch in it. It’s been down since Christmas Day we waited for a few days had in a bag of rice and it still doesn’t power on. I watched several YouTube videos to see what the problem may be tried a few things but it does nothing. Could just need a new battery now but I don’t have the patience to unscrew the device and try and see for myself. How much do you charge or should we just buy a new one?

  2. Hi, I have a question concerning my Switch. The system keeps overheating, will you guys be able to help take a look at my fan? And do some cleaning if needed?

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