Motherboard Rework Services

We are currently servicing all motherboards for all laptops, desktops, graphics cards, tv boards, PlayStations, Xbox, and much more. Specific motherboard repair options are available. 

Ball Grid Area (BGA) Rework


PCB component Installs & Removals

GPUs CPUs Mosfets Charger Jacks Video ports HDMIs Audio Ports

HDMI Port Microsoldering

USB Port desoldering/soldering

Leaded & Lead-free rework

Using state-of-the-art machinery to reproduce results.

We work on most consumer products’ motherboards. 

CPU socket replacements are on hold. ***

Motherboard Repair Blog

Simple Human Mirror Charger Port Repair

The charger port on this expensive mirror can get damaged. Luckily we do repair it. We remove the motherboard. 

Once removed we begin to desolder the broken port. 

ASUS Maximus ix Code Socket 1151 Replacement

The Asus Maximus Motherboard line is a very well-sought-after model. This specific ix code model has been sent to us for an 1151 socket replacement. the LGA sockets can get damaged for various reasons, one being the improper installation of the CPU. It is unfortunate for the users of this motherboard to have damaged it because it is an expensive board. Not to worry though. here at TDR, we were able to remove and replace the damaged socket with a brand-new Foxconn LGA 1151 socket. This type of motherboard BGA rework requires extensive care and sensitive handling. With very expensive machinery.

Professional Electric Nail File Drill Machine Charging Port Repair

Charging port repair for this machine was a simple job. It is loose due to vibration and wear and tear.  Fluxing quickly, heating up, then soldering makes it a perfect joint.

We are the motherboard repair experts, any motherboard any problem. Even nail salon equipment. F’ it! 

Quickly soldered the charging port, a standard 12V type connection. This device uses the charger to charge a battery so you can do nails on the spot. 

Asus socket 2011 reball

I was guessing. Asus x99-e- 10g  ws is the motherboard. Socket 2011-v3. 

BGA glue on some Motherboard models

Some motherboard assembly lines like to add an extra stabilization step to the BGA solder process by adding a BGA glue.

That glue disables successful reflows of any kind. The chip must be heated glue removed as well as washed in an ultrasonic machine under high temperatures to achieve a small success rate. The best option is to remove the chip and clean out the motherboard and Reball.

Dell Latitude E6420 Weird Flickering lines

This indeed needed a motherboard repair, We have gotten the motherboard fully disassembled and prepped for the soldering iron. We reworked the GPU, CPU, and south bridge.


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