PlayStation 4 (PS4) Cleaning Service

Do not let your heat sinks get this clogged up! You need to get the system cleaned asap! or else you are stuck with e-jet engine noise coming from your PS4. This is not only annoying. but 6 months of the jet engines and you will get the blue light of death. Now that’s a nasty repair and a very difficult fix.

PS4 Cleaning Prices?

Do not do it to yourselves and risk breaking the system! We offer $39 cleanings on the original, $49 on the slim, and $69 on the pro! Do not wait just get your system cleaned today! 

Before doing any repairs here at TDR, We go ahead and give the system cleaning.  so if you are getting a repair on your motherboard anyways. then a cleaning will be performed. and this is complimentary. no extra cost.

Now that is a clogged-up Heatsink!

A very dirty PS4 CUH1xxx heatsink

Does your system look like this? Then  Get it cleaned out professionally, to prevent damage and repairs to your Sony PS4. Our cleaning services are readily available for your convenience with 24 Turn around time guaranteed.

We do not accept any Roach-infested consoles for cleanings. Previously infested or hints of roaches are also not accepted. Unfortunately, we only work on dust dirt thermal paste fans heatsinks and all that makes the system cool properly and not roaches!! thanks for understanding!


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