Samsung Galaxy S Repair Service

We repair all broken Samsung Galaxy S Phones. All different issues, Hardware, Software, and Cosmetic issues can be fixed.

Galaxy s7

Glass replacements

LCD replacements

Digitizer Repair

Headphone Jack Fix

Charger Port Replacements

Camera backscreen replacement

Camera issues

GPS problems

Galaxy s6

Galaxy s5

Galaxy s4

Galaxy s3

Galaxy Repair Blog

Galaxy Tablet 10

This galaxy had a blown-out cap that didn’t hold on to charge the backlight of the screen after micro soldering replacement everything functioned. 

Galaxy S3 Data Recovery.

Galaxy S3 with data to recover has lost its ability to charge and even power on. There is a short circuit in the power and is being assessed.

Galaxy s7 Edge with broken charger port

We have in stock charging port ribbons for the galaxy s7 edge, Replaced in under 30 minutes.

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