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If you are experiencing any problems with your website, Here are TDR we can help you! We are experienced in all PHP websites. Full stack. Meaning, WordPress, Joomla, Laravel, Drupal and many many more !

Our web designers are not just front end UI users, they are also Web developers that have made multiple plugins for the platforms, so they know the entire web inside and out!

If your database is broken, or you lost access to the website, or you have errors on random pages, or you simply want to add new pages and get our expert advice, what ever the problem maybe, we will be there for you! Our senior members have over 25 years in website development. And our staff is well versed in almost all technologies.





We are not just web savvy we dissect the web, and give you the best advice utilizing our knowledge in both search engine optimization and skills of making the website look COOL!

Yes cool looking websites do not rank. because they are heavy, and clumsy and clumpy… Google doesn’t like too much of this or too much of that. We take into consideration most of the factors so we can get your website fixed for the web. not just for the eyes of the beholder.








We will maintain and repair any website on any technology! PHP is our favorite language to code in. and the front ends to us does not matter. as long as the PHP outputs proper HTML at the end of the day that is all what the browser is gonna render, and google is going to read.

Contact us today to get your website or webapp fixed!


In Summary TDR Website Services offer:

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