Xbox Series X/S HDMI Port Repair Service

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Xbox Series X/S HDMI Port Repair Service

Experience hassle-free HDMI port repairs for your Xbox Series X/S with TDR’s On-The-Go repair service. We specialize in fixing physical damage like broken HDMI ports, ensuring your console works flawlessly with a brand-new OEM replacement. Our meticulous process includes thorough disassembly, precise port replacement, internal cleaning, and comprehensive testing. Trust our expert technicians to restore your gaming experience promptly and professionally.

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Xbox Series X/S HDMI Port Repair Service

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You have come tot he right place to repair your Series X/S HDMI port! We currently offer TDR On-The-Go Xbox Series X repair service. Just schedule and wait for a tech to show up and repair your damaged Xbox series port!

The Xbox Series X is a fairly new system released in 2020. And even if you happen to have a valid warranty, it does not cover physical damage to the console. HDMI ports are categorized under physical damage. That is not to say that we have not seen people get replacements through warranty. And that is where we come in. We will fix your HDMI port with a brand-new OEM port. 

Just see the quality of our repairs for yourself here:

Watch the full repair video here

Troubleshooting your series X HDMI port:

1. make sure you are using a 4k TV. as some consoles are set to 4k only and you won’t see anything.

2. make sure your port is clean by using 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol. dab the HDMI cable and insert in a few times! that should clear out the dirt.

3. physically inspect the port to look for loose wires, golden misaligned pins or any physical damage. 

More on our HDMI ports:

We first start by disassembling The system down to the motherboard, We remove and replace the broken port, Clean your system internally and reassemble and fully test. All HDMI ports are microscopically inspected and installed using our unique techniques for refurbishing the Xbox series x system.

All systems are given a complementary free cleaning and re-“thermal pasting”. 

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