SU-37553-3 Error Code Repair Service

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SU-37553-3 Error Code Repair Service

Software reinstallation or HDD replacement doesn’t resolve the problem, a motherboard reflash may be necessary. Contact us for expert service.

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SU-37553-3 Error Code Repair Service

Table of Contents

This error code can be a simple HDD reflash or it can be a more serious motherboard-related data issue! In that case, we repair that problem. Please check out the research and development video here regarding this repair. 

SU-37553-3 Repair Video

To get started with a PS4 repair that is experiencing this specific issue. please click on the start a repair button here.

This issue is a random data issue. and it could be a simple fix. by a simple fix please try the software reinstallation method on the PS4 website or an HDD replacement. if both methods are not successful at the repair then you need the motherboard reflashed.  In that case please contact us for the service.