Windows PC Repair Service

We fix all of Microsoft Windows PC’s problems, Call us!

Most computer repair options will require a consultation, as computer digital data is sensitive. We handle this with the utmost care.

Are you having problems with your laptop or PC? Then you have come to the right place, here at Shady Repairs we accurately diagnose, fix & speed up your computer and your life.

Today’s personal computers are dominated by three main operating systems. Apple iMac computers that run OSX, which is a derivative of the UNIX OS, PCs that run Microsoft Windows, and last but not least, the Linux operating system, in forms of desktop Gnome, KDE, or other.

Our Computer Repair service offers a wide array of services to meet the needs of the computer user. Whether you’re a casual user that goes online for business needs that depend on their PC for billing, timekeeping, Excel, QuickBooks, and other business-related tasks, or you are a home user needing to wind down playing games and visiting social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Our Estimates are FREE and we only charge you per fixed machine ( Desktop, Laptop, or Server )

Computer Software Support:

System Cleanup: 

Complete Anti-Virus and Malware removal. This process does not delete pictures, documents, and other important files. Some viruses and malware may cause data loss, but the cleanup process will not. This process could be looked at as similar to the 3000-mile service on an automobile.

Complete System Restore:

If a computer is not cooperating at all, and can’t be accessed due to Windows being damaged, this service will revert your computer to an original “factory” state. The hard drive will be formatted, and Windows will be reinstalled. All hardware drivers will be reinstalled, making sure network connections, touchpads, memory card readers, etc. will function. In many cases, your important data can be backed up before the hard drive is erased.


Your important files are backed up to your choice of media (CD/DVD, USB Thumb-drive, External Hard Drive). You may provide your media, or it can be provided.

Virus and Malware Removal & Protection

Viruses are becoming irritating these days every 6 months or so you get infected. We will help you clean your computer from malware viruses and other computer pests! If you have ever used your PC to surf the web you are more than likely to encounter some sort of virus or malware. Some sort of phishing attack or even denial of service. We deal with most of these online computer problems for you. Not only do we fix your PC we educate you on how to properly surf the web using your personal computer.

Your PC Can get infected if I don’t have the right tools to prevent malicious software to attack. That’s why I use some of today’s best defense systems against computer problems. We will help you add protection and clean your computer from malware and viruses.

Operating System Installs

We are capable of installing Fresh Copies or upgrades of Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, and 2012 2016 for your home and office. That is not all, We service batch installs of large numbers of computers together. We call that Cloning to get you set up faster for events and other activities requiring the use of some technology and computers.

Microsoft Windows needs an update from time to time, Today windows 10 has taken the industry by storm. If you have any issues or want to upgrade your current system to the latest Windows, we can help you!

Printer Setup

We Install and configure your printers and troubleshoot any printer-related issues.

Personal Computer Files Backups

Always take care of your computer files. If you ever physically lose your computer, what will you do? no computer help or laptop repair service in the world can get you your physical computer back. Make sure you always have backups. We offer backups in the cloud and on-site backups.

Data Recovery Services

Hard Drives go bad from time to time and sometimes you do not have another copy of that data and you must get it out of your computer. Nothing is working and you are screaming for help. We would scream too if we didn’t have backups of our computers and laptops. though you are not out of luck. there are techniques to recover your data.

Computer Hardware Support:

Most computers are not free from hardware malfunctions, as some motherboards, and cards have micro components that will die eventually over time. Let’s help you diagnose some of these issues correctly. So you do not have to ever visit another computer repair shop.

LCD Screen / Keyboard / Touch-pad Replacement:

Often the most vulnerable parts of laptops and tablet computers, LCD screens can be easily damaged by an accidental fall, or something dropped on the monitor panel. Laptop keyboards and touchpads also take quite a beating at times, being the most touched part of the computer. These parts are available for most systems.

Charger and Port Replacement / Repair:

Occasionally, it’s easy to tug a cord and over-stress the charger port on a laptop or other device. Most are repairable, inquire for further details.

Hard Drive/RAM Replacement and Upgrades:

System issues can be diagnosed, and problem parts are replaced. This would include (for example), RAM failure, hard drive errors or failure, etc. These parts can fail after several years of use, depending on how the computer is used. Often memory and hard drives can be upgraded to provide more storage and better performance. A free estimate will include parts cost and labor.

Computer Upgrades

Memory Upgrades

CPU / Processor upgrades

Graphics Card / GPU Upgrades

Hard-drive and RAID Upgrades

Sound /Audio Upgrades

Microsoft Help is available. Call us to discuss your computer problems with a computer and laptop repair professional.

We are a one-stop computer repair shop. You will not go to any other computer shop again. we are cheap, and we are the experts.

Laptop Repair Service

Broken Screen LCD Replacement

Laptop Keyboard replacement

DC jack replacement

Battery Replacement 

Desktop Repair Services 

We Fix, Upgrade and replace all components on Desktop PCs.

Memory Upgrades

CPU replacements

PSU (power supply) test and fix

Watercooling installations

HDD installs and upgrades

We Fix Dell Toshiba Sony Acer Asus HP and Macintosh more.

If you are looking for immediate help, we offer remote tech support instantly from the comfort of your home’s internet connection.

Windows PC Repair Blog

When Desktop Memory Fails

Memory just like all other PCB boards is made with the same possible ways of defects. And when the BGA fails. the memory disconnects, and fails. and you get lots of weird errors. 

One of which the memory leaking and giving you dots on the screen .. others you wont be able to turn on the computer. The memory is the most necessary component next to the CPU and the Motherboard. With out the memory you can not have anything post! or the Motherboard even turn on. DDR 1 2 3 4 and now 5 all suffer from the same issues. SoDIMM RDIMM or any other types have the same problems. 

Memory chips on Macs, Surface pros, and just about any electronic device .. will fail.. if not today it will be tomorrow! 

Alienware 18 SSD upgrade with OS refresh

Alienware 18 was initially diagnosed by another party as having the SSD drive broken. and they recommended that they get a New SSD replacement. After assessing the situation we have found out that the SSD drive is fine, it is only an operating system errorl. There was a virus that corrupted the OS (Windows 10). It would take up resources and continue to restart and take control of the file explorer executable. The virus has also corrupted the system files and deleting major functions of the PC. Though since the previous incorrect diagnosis he had purchased a new SSD already. It was now a double SSD alien ware system … We installed the New SSD and new operating system… Adding all necessary drivers and apps for the full capability of the Dell Alienware 18 machine.

We formatted the infected drive. and were able to retain the data drive unharmed.

Custom Desktop with OS booting issue

Customer was suffering from no boot on the PC. The windows circle would just keep spinning. Safe mode and resets do not work, and recovery is corrupt. seems like a major virus infection and the best way was to refresh the entire OS. Viruses are best removed by completely rebuilding a computer. We re installed windows 10 and advised customer to update his windows and get anti-virus for future use.

Preventative maintenance is the way to go so you are not forced to repair anything, just make sure you are protected.

Graphics Card Upgrade

Upgraded Graphics PCIe card to EVGA GTX 1050. Installed latest 336 nVidia drivers. Customer was happy with the card performance. We install and upgrade all GPUs on PC systems

Virus and Malware Infected Dell Laptop

We ran 6 different anti virus removal tools, and manually deleted some registry keys. Also updated the Windows OS and added some chrome extensions for further tightening of the PC system.

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