Xbox Series X/S Repair Service

We are currently offering a variety of different repairs for the Xbox Series X & S consoles. These are the new generation Xbox systems from Microsoft and some parts are still scarce. The SSDs are not yet available as of (June 2022) and only donors are accepted. OEM Factory HDMI ports are available for both series s and x. We have the power connector and HDMI chips available as well. for more information on repairs please click the start a repair button above.


The HDMI port on this system is strong. and it takes lots of force to break it. However, HDMI ports are known to break for different devices and we have you covered. Brand new OEM factory HDMI ports are in stock and ar replaced same day with in 30 minutes! 

No Power

This is a common issue with any electronic device. And this can happen due to many different reasons. We will diagnose and Repair no power issues!

Broken Nexus connector

This connector is commonly broken due to DIY attempts at cleaning or simply disassembly. The issue here is that it is near another connector that needs to be pried, and some try to pry or pull this one too.

We replace the broken Nexus connector with an OEM one.

No Video/ Black screens

Could be caused by a few things. and when it comes to series x. the SSD is soldered on. so that will be a hard-to-test item when the SSD fails! The HDMI port can be broken and in some cases issues on the signaling circuit of the motherboard. 

earlier in 2020 we released this article:

The long-anticipated Scarlett, series X version of the Xbox System from Microsoft is going to be released in 3rd quarter of 2020, just like its rival the Sony PS5, this system is going to hit the market in time for the holidays. It is going to be jam-packed with features. able to play native 4k at 30+ FPS on all games. Most games will see 60 fps and we are anticipating that the Nvidia die in the core will be amazing in terms of teraflops, and quality.  Forget about gaming lags, slow speeds, and other issues you might see with today’s consoles. The Scarlett is going to ship with SSD drives which means fewer storage issues. and better performance. 

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For seen Issue with the Xbox 2 (Scarlett) – Series X

Here is what we think is going to be the major problem with the Xbox Two. First and foremost, every device today suffers from the dreaded BGA issues. which causes the mega chips to disconnect from the board.  Just like the Red rings of the death of the Xbox 360 model, The sudden death of the Xbox one model, we know for a fact that the Xbox two will have some sort of error relating to the disconnection of the APU from the motherboard. This is preventable however but not 100%. All electronic devices suffer from BGA problems. 

Secondly, for the Blu-ray, we all have CD drives that will get stuck in other systems, and since this entire piece of the console is mechanical, mechanical issues will occur. from not reading discs to not being able to insert or eject them. It is a common issue we will have to live with for now until the systems get more digitized.  

The third most anticipated issue is over heating! and that is your fault, not Microsoft’s, .. HAHA, get your system regularly cleaned and re-thermal pasted. and you shouldn’t have an issue. It is like having worn-out brake pads you must get them serviced. If you do not go for a cleaning you will suffer from the Red rings of death mush soon, a White dot of death, or whatever color the LED will be in the new Xbox 2 Scarlett edition. 


 It is hard to prevent all issues, but keep the system in a cool area, not directly on the AC! or else you will get water damage! You need to be moderate. The CPU is designed to run at 85 degrees C… So the heat sink should be around 60-80, if it rises above 90 the fan speed starts to kick in, and you might lose a fan or so. But keep in mind regular cleanings are what keeps your system cool.

Do not eat near or around your console. organic matter will ruin the system, Do not smoke on the console, years of smoking messes up the rubbers in the Blu-ray and many mechanical components. 

Use a surge protector! I can not stress this enough. On your TV and your console. Yes, your TV can surge into your system. and mess up your signaling chips! 

Repair & Maintenance

Here at TDR, we will be repairing all of the issues that you will encounter with the Xbox Two Scarlett edition. As we have proven our quality and service with the Xbox One Project Scorpio, we assure you that we will be here when your next-generation Xbox Two system breaks. If you break it we will fix it! 

The main issues are the same, however, the symptoms will vary! Leave it to the experts to diagnose and repair. We as always Diagnose for FREE! You pay shipping and handling 

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