Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH receiver HDMI Port repair

The customer has removed the HDMI port board (AWX8871) from a working Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH receiver. The HDMI input ports have quit working and only the output port now works. The Customer stated that he definitely want to replace the three outputs. All of those went bad. Were you able to locate one output part? When I inspected the board it look damaged, but it appears that is how the port is supposed to be. 

Here is a tear down of the motherboard inside the Receiver:

We have then Bought the replacement HDMI ports and once received we started the removal process. Removals and cleanings of the HDMI port area is very critial. See below picture of how to have the ports removed properly and cleaned for new installation 

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after removal and fixing the board up for replacement. We test the purchased brand new ports for fitment. Once we have perfect fitment then we start the micro-soldering process. Which includes soldering all the pins .and then properly adding the legs through hole process. 


Then we do a micro-scoping inspection on all the ports for quality assurance from the TDR brand. 


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