Xbox One Black Screen of Death Repair Service

The Black Screen of death, only means that your system powers up and the light comes on. yet you do not see anything on the screen. and in some cases, your TV will tell you there is “no signal”

BSOD could be commonly caused by 3 common issues

First off the Hard Drive can fail and when it does it shows no warning signs. However, sometimes you can hear a clicking or ticking noise coming from the system. That usually means the hard drive went bad. and when it fails it could cause no picture on the screen and we do replace them.

The second major one is the HDMI port! We fix the HDMI port on these systems constantly.  yes, a very common thing is to break the HDMI port physically.

And third is the Retimer/HDMI chip… 

This is a specialized repair that requires the removal and replacement of a few microprocessors and takes about 1 to 3 hours to complete. Each Xbox One X is prepared carefully for disassembly and microchip removal. The APU supplies the correct voltage to the HDMI router and therefore it needs to be assessed.

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