PlayStation 4 Repair Service (PS4)

Did you accidentally break your PlayStation 4 and don’t know what to do? Have you tried sending your Sony PlayStation 4 in for repairs and got a poor response from SONY? Call us today we will fix your issues. We repair all of the PlayStation 4 & 3 problems.

We guarantee to fix 99.9% of all PS4 issues. From HDMI ports to WLOD, to BLOD issues. The repair shops count on us to repair their PlayStations, I think you might want to too. All other diagnoses for PlayStation 4 repairs might be misinformed. We have heard all kinds of terrible misdiagnosed issues with the PlayStation system, other shops haven’t seen thousands of systems as we have. We don’t blame them, we just do not trust their opinion. Leave it to TDR to fix your PlayStation Consoles. 

PS4 HDMI Port Repair

This is the number one problem with all PlayStation 4 systems. It is not clear why everyone is having issues with the port. and why it is breaking so easily. However, we repair it here at TDR very quickly and painlessly. We replace the HDMI ports with standard top-quality HDMI ports.

Blu-Ray Disc Repair

Discs eject problems

The drive is unique to each PlayStation console. We can disassemble the PlayStation 4 Blu-Ray and fix any piece mechanical or electronic.

Laser issues / Not Reading Disc

Blu-Ray issues can cause frozen and stuck games

Get your Blu-Ray laser replaced today! we can have your PlayStation 4 laser replacement ready in a few days!

PS4 slim stacked on top of a Pro

Blue Light Of Death (BLOD)

Commonly referred to as the “Blinking Light Of Death” or “Blue Light Of Death”. This is a very common problem with the PlayStation 4 Console. It is usually because you have used your PS4 to its maximum capacity. The Microchip simply fails to stay connected inside the PlayStation 4 box, and It must undergo a Reflow/Reball fix.

2 special edition PS4 (Destiny and COD)

PS4 White Light of Death Repair Symptoms:


No video / No audio issues

Steady White Light


GPU + HDMI + HDMI Port circuitry repair

Kapton Masked HDMI PS4 port

PS4 ch12xx motherboard

PS4 VR Repair

Yes, we do repair the System Box, HDMI ports, and chip repairs. ..

Various PS4 Motherboard connectors

Any Port Replacement

USB Port


Ethernet Port

Power Supply Port

MotherBoard Speaker

Blu-Ray issues can cause frozen and stuck games

Power Problems (PS4 won’t turn on)

There are many reasons why the PS4 doesn’t turn on and display anything on the screen First let’s discuss the issues. This could be caused by a faulty power supply or internal motherboard issues. We repair those pesky power supplies and install them at a better quality of repair and price. So if you have a power supply that is not turning on, You can always send it in for diagnostics.

Top reasons why the PS4 Doesn’t turn ON:

1. If you do not hear any beeping, from the eject button or power button. Then you have a motherboard issue or power supply problem

2. If you only hear beeping from eject but not power, then it is a motherboard issue

3. you hear a power beep and the console lights up blue for one second and turns off, then it’s the BLOD

4. If you hear a beep and the blue light turns off after 5 seconds, then your motherboard needs a special BLOD repair that only TDR fixes in the entire USA.

5. If you hear a beep, then the blue light comes on but never goes away, then you need BLOD repair service

6. if you hear a beep, the blue light turns to White light. then you have a White Light of Death issue, which can be on the motherboard or HDMI port.

We can repair 95% of all no power, PS4 that won’t turn on.

PS4 VR disassembled

Other repairable Issues:

Error Codes




All PlayStation 4 Freeze from time to time, The reasons may rely on many parts of the PlayStation system. The HDD might be full, the APU might be disconnecting, you might have internet issues, and the list keeps going. We must look at your device to inspect it, as the variance of the cause of this issue is many. 

Blinking red indicator light

Usually, That is your overheating problem, and this indicates that there is extra dust, roaches, or other air-blocking foreign objects. It could also mean that the fan and heatsink are not properly aligned with the APU. In either case, This must come into the shop for diagnosis. Power issues with the PS4 are common, due to heating of the power supply unit.

HDMI port cable issues

The HDMI port on your PlayStation 4 may fail. Don’t worry we can replace it for you. The HDMI port can always be replaced with a new one as long as the motherboard has not suffered any major damage.

PS4 Blu-ray drive


We can probably assist you over the phone. Please ask for the remote assist option or you can come in for diagnosis here and repair. We will get your settings configured correctly so you won’t have issues accessing your updated PlayStation 4 games.

PS4 Controller Repair (Discontinued)

Controllers do break. Regular wear and tear on the buttons will cause them to jam up and sometimes completely fall off. We repair all PlayStation Controllers.

PlayStation 4 (PS4) Maintenance:

PS4 Cleaning Service

We offer a service to have your PlayStation 4 cleaned so you avoid having to do any reflows or rebills or any of those big repairs. Many of the repairs can be avoided with regular system cleanup. It is recommended to get your PlayStation 4 cleaned every 6 months or depending on how particulate your environment is.

close scope HDMI port ps4

Is it cost-effective to get your PlayStation fixed?

The short answer is yes. Here at TDR, we have created a system where all repairs are affordable and worth it. Most of the repairs leave the HDD data intact so you have all your saved games and data, however due to the nature of the business that is not guaranteed. We offer a maximum repair price on consoles that require multiple repairs, so we make it affordable to have your PS4 system serviced. Whether it’s a simple cleaning or a motherboard issue, we will do our best to streamline and bring the prices of our repairs down.

Do you guys sell TDR Refurbished PlayStation 4’s?

Yes, we do. Head over to this link and you will find our current stock of Refurbished PlayStation 4 Systems.

Do you want to mail in your PlayStation 4 for repair?

The mail-in repair option is guaranteed the cheapest and best repair option for your PlayStation 4. If you send us a valid quote from anywhere

PlayStation 4 Repair Blog

PlayStation 4 Pro Not powering On

So yeah, she opened up this ticket and told me that this thing doesn’t show anything on the screen. That thing doesn’t even power on. Let’s take it apart. And here it is, we take the motherboard out… kind of, and.. just as expected it’s using the 90042GG. chip and the chip is well known to blow, Let’s take out the motherboard and replace this chip.. here is a chip in my hand, let’s prep it. Let’s clean it first. a bit of paste it first round looking good. here is the chip under the microscope and good. let’s remove this chip, here is phase one. Here is the splinter, let’s clean up the board, the board has been cleaned up under the microscope and looking great. Now we’re ready to put a chip on.. to the machine let’s go. Phase one, finally let it cool and we will put it back together, just to test let’s see. Perfect, the tester says good and here we have it.

Visit for more information on our PS4 Repairs

PS4 pro quality

This is repairs quality unmatched. The No Power repair in less than 24 hours and 60-day warranty seal, always ensures your peace of mind when repairing the PS4 Pro with TDR!

PlayStation 4 Bluetooth Repair-Controller Not Connecting

PlayStation 4 was sent to us where the controller would refuse to connect to the console. After ruling out the controller, and using several other troubleshooting steps, we repaired the Bluetooth controller. Another successful repair and a happy customer! If your controllers are good and it still isn’t connecting to your console, send it over to the PlayStation 4 Pro at TDR!

Micro soldering Precision at TDR

Micro soldering precision at TDR! Come get your PlayStation 4 or Xbox HDMI Port fixed by the best!

White PlayStation 4 overheating

Fan Replacement for an overheating PlayStation 4. Carpet clogged the fan and burned the motor. Good as new now!

PS4 Slim Bluray issues

The disc was stuck and not ejecting. It turns out that the disc holder magnet was completely dislocated. And the joints were not in place. we have reattached the magnets and tested the gears. and It seems like this was a PS4 dropped damage as things have moved out of place and needed re-alignment. 

Elite Ps4 Fan replacement

This Elite Special edition PS4 Needed a new fan and cleaning of both blurry and system.  Also, new thermal compound.  Mall in repair fast service.  

Ps4 Power Supply

PS4 power supplies are not easy to fix.  We replace them for now.

PS3 Slim needed a complete cleaning and the laser head

This is not an unusual scenario where your dust causes so many issues. Please keep your systems in a clean environment to prevent problems!  Clean your PlayStation or else it will sound like a jet engine.. There are many memes on the internet about the jet engine sound!

Water Damage on the Blu-Ray Controller Board

This water damage is heavy that we need to get a new donor board and transfer all the chips over for the encryption to stay valid and you can play games. take a little while but brings the machine back to life. We remarried the chip to a new daughterboard and that is the only thing you can do to a heavily water-damaged Blu-ray. 

PlayStation 4 Not Syncing with Controller

This PlayStation 4 Elite has stopped syncing with the controller. The controllers only work when the system is in safe mode!! We were able to replace the Defective Sync Chip and everything worked!

PS4 Blu-Ray Controller water damage

The PlayStation had water damage! And needed to be inspected, after the water damage oxidization was cleaned we noticed burnt pads on the board. At our motherboard repair center,r we were able to have the pad patched, and a new controller chip installed in the PS4. 

Dropped PlayStation4 with broken mechanical parts

After opening the PS4 and careful inspection we realized it was dropped. We assessed the damage and were able to put back the mechanical parts back together. The drive also had some major damage which might have been the point of impact. the automatic insertion mechanism and the rubber gears fell off completely. 

All was put back together as well as the CMOS battery, and everything worked perfectly.

PS4 Blu-Ray drive mechanical issues

We received a PlayStation 4 system with a broken Blu-ray. We disassembled  The entire drive and found out that there were foreign objects stuck inside the drive not allowing the mechanics to work properly. After removal and retesting the drive worked though some of the gears were broken so It is fully functioning but noisy.

PS3 YLOD -backward compatible, CECHA01

Yellow Light of Death backward compatible  PlayStation 3 came in for a repair.

We gave it an ultrasonic wash and a power reflow. 

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