PlayStation 5 (PS5) Cleaning Service

Unlike the PS4 and many other consoles in the market today, and yesterday, the PlayStation 5 system does not come with thermal paste on the APU. In fact the APU and heatsink are squeezed together with a thin layer of liquid metal. Which makes for a very different physical attributes for the “cleaning” process.

PS5 Liquid Metal on APU

Does the Liquid metal need to be reapplied?

Short answer no! Never do you ever need to reapply the liquid metal. There are shops out there that have the misconception that you need to open the air tight factory seal to “respread” the liquid. which is in fact a complete misunderstanding of how this new material works. They think that those are dry spots that need to have the metal respread. in fact these are just very tight areas where there does not need to be a layer of liquid metal as most of it was squeezed. the second you open it you allow for oxidization and other factors leading to the misunderstanding.

What comes with the cleaning?

So Basically what we do here at TDR is barely disassemble the unit to the black shell, by removing the covers. In some cases we remove the fan not to damage it, however not necessary. and we apply pressurized air in the opposite direction of the air flow. allowing all stuck dust and particles to fall out the system. we do this for about a good 10 minutes to ensure all the dust is clear from the heatsinks and fan.

the heat sinks are staggered so multiple angles of air flow is necessary to clean it fully.

Deshelled PS5

Does cleaning eliminate the random power off issues?

In most cases the random shut off issues of the PS5 console are completely eliminated and your system is back to normal. The weird issue with respect to this problem is that the console usually never displays an overheating sign !!! So 95% of the time where the system random shuts off while playing a PS5 game is only due to dust and over heating problems.

The other 5% is still unknown and we speculate it is SSD related. So yes whether the cleaning fixes those issue for you or not. This service will be paid by you as a cleaning service and not a repair service.

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