Xbox One HDD Upgrade Service

Xbox One systems come standard with a 500 GB Drive… which is absolutely too small for playing many games on the system. if you really want the most out of your Xbox system then you need to upgrade to a 1TB or 2Tb drive. If you are one of those “Leet” Gamers, then you will definitely need the 4TB drive Upgrade. 

What Drive Best fits me?

Now you also have a choice of speed when it comes to your drive.. you can go 5400rpm, 7200rpm, even more expensive 10krpm. But that is not all. You have the choice of stepping up your game to an SSD drive. That is something else. SSD drives are blazing fast, and are capable of 30x the speeds of a normal spinning disk HDD! but they also come at a hefty cost price. So it really comes down to you what you really want most. Speed or size. For the same price, you can have something small and fast, or big and slower.

There are 2 types of upgrades.

Fresh Upgrade

Available now and immediately is the fresh upgrade. Basically, we do a clean install reflash of your Xbox. That means you get a system that is as good as brand new! all the software is back to fresh and upgraded to the latest firmware. Sitting directly on your newly upgraded 1, 2, and 4 TB drive. 

Clone Upgrade (Clone-Grade)

This is the tricky one. 90% success rate with respect to saving your data. Keeping your data intact while performing a storage upgrade can be very cumbersome and a long process. Depending on how much data is involved as well as other factors, like encryption and error correction. 

Whichever drive you choose and whichever budget you have, We will be able to replace and upgrade your system so you can have more storage and finally be able to play and keep all the games on your system.

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