PS4 CE-35888-2 Error

What is the CE-35888-2 Error code?

The notorious and dreaded CE-35888-2 error code… So your PS4 Blu-ray stopped reading discs, or it stopped ejecting discs!! worst yet it stopped making any noises and is completely dead. You thought you can fix it , so you went on eBay,  and bought your self a replacement drive… you got it delivered to your home.. you replaced the drive. and boom you see that it takes the disc, it reads it and then you try to start the game and you are all excited until it all comes crashing down with the CE-35888-2 error… … 

Now you are frustrated and try to swap different parts around not knowing what is going on you give up and you go online searching for the fix.. 

You reached this page.. and unfortunately there is no fix to your issue. because the issue is not the drive rather the fact that you can never replace the drive on a PS4 system. The PS4 system is married to the the Blu-Ray Drive it comes with from factory and in order to repair your drive issue you must repair your drive… To get your drive replaced properly check our Blu-ray Replacement service.

How to fix the CE-35888-2 Error code?

There is no easy fix to this issue. Stop and locate your old drive … it is very important that you have your old drive.. the chip on there , if lost, your drive will never come back to life!

Here at TDR we have re-married many a system below is a video of how we re-marry the daughter-boards with a donor one.

Now that is not the only fix… the reason you replaced the drive is because you didn’t know how to fix it… we fix the blu-ray drive without remarrying

Why is it impossible to swap the drives as is?

The PS4 blu-ray drives on the models earlier than 1215A all have married chips to the board and the chip and firmware of the board has to stay together to keep functioning. Sony designed it this way and we have to repair and work around the facts. 

Do we recommend swapping drives?

Never! It just doesn’t work. Unless you remarry the chips, you will have nothing but a bricked disc.

Should you buy a drive for replacement?

Maybe! in rare cases the drive motors and spindles go bad. and to avoid the 358882 error you should swap the daughter-boards from the old drive to the new one.. if that works great! if does not, you need to remarry the daughter-board on the Blu-ray, or get the daughter-board actually repaired.. which is something we at TDR can diagnose and repair… 


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