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PlayStation 4 Repair Blog

PlayStation 4 PRO (PS4 PRO) HDMI Port reflow
02 February 2018
PlayStation 4 Pro HDMI Port Broken, showing green and purple screen with lines...We did a reflow of the HDMI Port and worked like a charm.
White PlayStation 4 over heating
25 January 2018
Fan Replacement for an overheating PlayStation 4. Carpet clogged the fan and burned the motor. Good as new now!
PlayStation with fuzzy and purple screen
24 January 2018
HDMI Port replacement for a fuzzy, purple screen and no picture.
PS4 Slim Bluray issues
24 January 2018
Disc was stuck and not ejecting. It turns out that the disc holder magnet was completely dislocated. And the joints where not in place. we have reattached the magnets and tested the gears. and It seems like this was a ps4 dropped damage as things have moved out of place and needed re-alignment.
Elite Ps4 Fan replacement
19 December 2017
Needed a new fan and cleaning of both #bluray and system. Plugs new thermal compound. Mall in repair fast service.
Ps4 Power Supply
18 December 2017
Ps4 power supplies are not easy to fix. We replace them for now.
PS4 Slim Internal
21 November 2017
Get your PS4 Slim internal repaired by professionals at Tech Device Repair. Check it out this PS4 Slim internal delivered in our shop as we provide repair for this device.
PS4 Slim HDMI port replacement
18 November 2017
At our shop we recieved a playstation 4 slim that needed the HDMI port replaced due to having it jammed hard and broken inside the motherboard and case.
PS3 Slim needed a complete cleaning and to the laser head
04 November 2017
This is not an unusual cenario where your dust causes so many issues. Please keep your systems in a clean environment to prevent problems!
PS4 Blod reflow
04 November 2017
This PS4 was Bloded ... Due to GPU. Blod is all different. THis one was successful after a reflow!
Water Damage on the Blu-Ray Controller Board
21 October 2017
This water damage is heavy that we need to get a new donor board and transfer all the chips over for the encryption to stay valid and you can play games. take a little while but brings the machine back to life.
HDMI Replacement by the other guys. No Bueno
21 October 2017
We recieved this HDMI port replacement job, after inspection we found that another well known shop attempted the repair.. Oh oy did they get it wrong! We cleaned up the bad job and replaced it under our microscopic workstations!
PlayStation 4 Not Syncing with Controller
08 October 2017
This Playstation 4 Elite has stopped sync with the controller. The controllers only work when the system is in safe mode!! We were able to replace the Defective Sync Chip and everything worked!
PS4 with manufacturer defects
01 October 2017
This PlayStation has a few manufacturer defects that showed themselves over time. The first is the inability to sync the controller, while in safe mode the controller is working perfectly. Also it has a storage data link issue where it can no copy the update files correctly tot he HDD. with error code su-41283-8 when trying to update, and SU-41XXX-X when trying a full reinstall. The culprit chip is yet to be found as this is a very intensive search and reball on many RAM chips and the double stacked WiFi Bluetooth chip. Controller only syncs in safe mode, the hard drive can not be flashed. I t seems to be a problem with memory . That issue is very time consuming and a dangerous process. as it requires removal and applying of a new memory chip to each one of the DDR5's. This PS4 is canned until further diagnosis. We noticed manufacturer solder splatter evident on the entire board. This console passed poor QA inspections at the facilities.
PS4 HDMI Tragedy
01 October 2017
This PlayStation came in suffering from a bad HDMI. After inspection we noticed that it was previously repaired, and more obiviously the horrendous previous HDMI replacement attempt by a competing repair brand. Come on! Don;t waste your time somewhere else . Just get it done right here the first time at TDR! .
16 September 2017
Due to the fact that this PS3 has been reflowed many times before, The top CPU attached heatsink needs to be removed and replaced. Basically it needs a new PS chip. What we see is a common problem with the loud fan after multiple repairs. A new chip install requires reballing. It is neither a fan or heatsink issue, rather there is a secondary layer on the microchip that needs to be removed and replaced, removal of that layer damages the chip and therefore we only replace the chip. We have tested for about an hour of play time and we have gotten the over heating messages.
PS4 Blu-Ray Controller water damage
29 August 2017
The PlayStation had water damage! And needed to be inspected, after the water damage oxidization was cleaned we noticed burnt pads on the board. At our motherboard repair center we were able to the pad patched, and a new controller chip installed in the PS4.
Dropped PlayStation4 with broken mechanical parts
18 August 2017
After openeing the ps4 and careful inspection we realized it was dropped. We assessed the damage and were able to put back the mechanical parts back together. The drive also had some major damage which might have been the point of impact. the automatic insertion mechanism and the the rubber geears fell off completely. All was put back together as well as the CMOS battery, and everything worked perfectly.
PlayStation 4 Cleaning
31 July 2017
Prior to doing any repairs here at TDR, We go ahead and give the system a cleaning. Does your system look like this? Then Get it cleaned out professionally, to prevent damage and repairs to your Sony PS4. Our cleaning services are readily available for your convenience with 24 Turn around time guaranteed.
PS4 Blu-Ray drive mechanical issues
12 July 2017
We received a PlayStation 4 system with a broken blu-ray. We disassembled The entire drive and found out that there were foreign objects stuck inside the drive not allowing the mechanics to work properly. After removal and retesting the drive worked though some of the gears were broken so It is fully functioning but noisy .
Limited Edition PS4 with BLOD problem
01 July 2017
This playstation needed a motherboard repair. We cleaned it and added the flux and was repaired with advanced Infrared machinies. Blue light to Fix in less than an hour.
PS4 HDMI port replacement
20 June 2017
We replaced the common broken plastation port with a golden HDMI port. Pictured below.
BLOD PS4 Repair - Unusual
21 May 2017
Customer came in with a pre disassembled motherboard for a fix. After inspecting the motherboard we have identified areas near the memory units where the customer may have caused physical damage. We have correct all the visible damage and reflowed the board. We were able to have it boot to white light. though ti turns out that It is now a WLOD which is due to burning a chip during customer;s meddling with device.
PS3 YLOD - backwards compatible, CECHA01
07 May 2017
Yellow Light of Death backwards compatible PlayStation 3 came in for a repair. WE gave it an ultrasonic wash and a power reflow.
PS4 HDMI Chip Reflow
27 April 2017
We have successfuly Reflowed te HDMI processing chip on the PS4. Put the playstation back together. tested and working.
PlayStation 4 HDMI Port Repalcement
25 March 2017
At our Brooklyn location we replace many HDMI ports for the PS4, This is a specific blog for each of the replacement steps taken for a valued customer of ours. Dissassembly photos: Removal of shell: 0 Removal of bottom shell: Removal of motherboard: Shielding for rework: HDMI Replacement by our expert technician:
13 January 2017
There have literally been reported over 10 DDOS attacks on Sony’s PlayStation Network aka. PSN. This number is ridiculously high compared to the revenue that Sony is racking in every minute, every second and every day. These numbers are reaching some really high 6 end numbers. However, Sony has not been doing a lot to prevent these attacks. And worst of all is that other companies with much worse budgets can actually manage to keep up a pretty decent anti DDOS attack environment. But Sony? Nah, not gonna happen bro. They are very ahead in the console wars, but due to this they do not get their focus onto other technical things such as making use to have a protected environment. I even heard claims that some people actually had their personal information + CC stolen because of Sony Network. This is just something that should not happen in 2015, and everything should be done in order to stop it. I have done my fair share to stop these DDOS attacks, some would call them terrorists and ot...
01 December 2016
Customer comes in with a completely destroyed PS4, He tried to do a home repair with a heat gun... Un-lucky for him he fried the motherboard and messed up key components. PS4 = parts only.
30 November 2016
We replaced the HDMI port on the PlayStation motherboard. tested, and working.

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