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In the middle of the city, out in the back country, Near the oceans or on the top of the mountains, You definitely need to capture the moment better than with a cell phone alone. That's why we hand picked some of the most affordable drones you can buy. Not only are they cheap but they use your cell phone as a controller. Most of them come with cameras, but you don't have to.go fancy just yet. 

What to look for when buying a drone?


First and formost you always want to know the controlling device for your drone, whether it be a stand alone controller or your phone, it is your choice. Although here we are more geared towards teh cheaper phone controlled drones.


Wanting a camera on your drone is almost close to a must as possible. If you do not get a camera, then you must love flying solo! Kudos. Although, you will need to get your drone connected to your phone through wifi to get the camera feed streamed to your phone screen.

Autonomous Systems

It is not a must feature but amazing to have when you just wanna have fun and let the drone fly itself, snapping pictures away on its own, so you can enjoy the moment and just forget about taking out the camera.

Altitude/Distance limitation

How high can you go!?? is all a balance of size to power and design. farther means bigger, bigger means more powerful, more powerful means bigger motors, engines and more sensors


Can drones be controlled by a cell phone?

The short answer is yes. If a drone has a chip that is compatible to software driven by a phone then yes. all the cell phone controlled drones use WiFi to connect the drone to the phone. and with a simple app, on either the Apple App Store, or  the Android Google Play, you can immediately pair and start flying your drone.

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