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Black/Red Surround Sound Stereo Headset 2.4Ghz Optical Wireless Gaming and PC Headset with Microphone For XBOX, PLAYSTATION, MUSIC and COMPUTERS

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2018 - New features,There is no need to install any drive . 

With 7.1 Surround Sound   One key switching   

You can experience the 7.1 virtual surround sound effect, which allows you to experience an immersive 360-degree sound field that lets you hear what you can't see.

 Digital wireless technology ,work range 6- 10 meters, high quality crystal sound
Light weight design and soft sport cloth ear cups for maximum comfort during long time gaming
Good battery life, long gaming time after fully charge
Good for Xbox 360 with optical port , compatible with XBox One if you have Microsoft adapter or new controller
Additional moistureproof detachable microphone for clear on line chatting
HW-3998S is compatible for Xbox One without Kinect when connected by an Xbox one adapter (not included in package).
1) Must USE the optical cable to connect transmitter with console with cable protection cover removed and plug firmly with correct direction. 
2) USE 40cm USB cable to connect transmitter with console, 80 cm USB cable for charging headset 
1.Connect with PC: 
Use USB cable to connect the transmitter and PC. 
2.Connect with PS3/4/Xbox 360/Xbox One: 
Use HDMI cable to connect console and TV; 
Use optical cable to connect console and transmitter; 
Use USB cable to connect transmitter and console. 
3.Use 2.5-3.5mm cable to connect headset and controller of Xbox 360. 
Use a fiber converter to connect Xbox 360 and 2.5-3.5mm cable if used on old version of Xbox 360. 
4.Use Kinect as microphone or use 2.5-3.5mm cable to connect headset and Xbox One stereo headset adapter on controller if you want to use microphone on Xbox One. 
Working voltage: 3.5-4.2V
Working current: 75 mA
Lithium battery: 1100 mAH
Working hours: ≥6
Charging time: ≈5h
Frequency range: 2.400-2.483Ghz
Frequency space: 2 MHz
Transmit rate: 3 dB
Sampling frequency: 48 KHz
Modulate mode: GFSK
Receiving sensitivity: -85dB
SNR: 85 dB
Speaker size: Φ40mm
Speaker impedance: 32Ω
Frequency response: 20~20 KHz
Microphone sizes: Φ6.0*5mm
Microphone sensitivity: -56dB
Microphone direction: Omni directional
Microphone frequency response: 100Hz-8 KHz
Please fully charge the headset before use .
For safety issue , please do not use headset during charging , upon charging , program will automatically back to default setting.The headset will not be available
Blister protected headset from damage during transportation.
For using in Xbox one , you need to have Microsoft Adaptor Not included in the box , please buy separately in with 3.5mm 4 poles plug to 3.5mm 3 poles jack .
To elimitate cutting in and out and sound robotic cause by transmission interruption with your WIFI & bluetooth device , please:
1) Try using cable internet connection for console / PC 
2) Limited the use of bluetooth devices 
3) Place the transmitter dongle as far away from console as possible ( don't put it on top of console )


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