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Xbox One Power Supply Brick, with cable

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Description This is a Brand New and fully tested power supply brick for the Xbox one ( Fat )... The Xbox one S does not need a power supply... It is a plug and play Device. so it takes 110volts AC and converts it to 12V and 5V DC for the continious operation of the gaming console. There are also 220 volt models in our store. this specific one is good for the United States. Pros: - Easy setup, quickly connects to outlet - Hard body, resistant to small drops and kicks. - Replaceable if it dies Cons: - Bulky and Heavy - Adds extra cables to your living space - Necessary for operation of Xbox One system   Tech Specs: ●Input: 100-240V ~ 1.78A, 47-63Hz●Output: 12V === 10.83A, 5Vsb === 1.0A●LED indicator: green = power good, orange = standby, off/blinking = fault alarm●Size: 17 x 7 x 5.2cmPlug types:EU/US/UKCord length:90cmPackage content:1× AC adapter1×Charging cable


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