Tech Device Repair Certifications & Process

Are you a Local Repair Store with low visiblity? Are you struggling to maintain clients? Do you want to increase your knowledge in the repairs industry? Or are you simply someone who is trying to get your hands in the tech device repairs field and want a certification to boost your skills? Then look no further.

Our unique certification program is very intensive and all inclusive of all different aspects of technology devices. TDR offers learning programs as well as a certification testing process to insure that the repair technician or shop has the skills needed to provide the excellent quality of repairs that is expected from a TDR certified professional. 

The ceritfication program for individuals differs from certification of a local shop. Individuals have the option to be certified in specific skills whilst the shop must have all TDR certifications earned by current repair technicians in the shop; you can have multiple technicians with mixed skills, though you must acquire all skills to begin the TDR Shop Certification process. 

TDR Individual Technician Certifiaction:

  1. Computer Technician Certificates - CTC101
    1. Computer Software Technician Certificate - CSTC101, CSTC102
    2. Computer Hardware Technician Certificate - CHTC101, CHTC102
  2. Gaming Console Certificate - GCC101
  3. Cell Phone Technician Certificate - CPTC101, CPTC102
  4. Handheld Technician Certificate - HTC101
  5. TV Technician Certificate - TTC101, TTC102

TDR Shop Certification:

Once you or your technicians acquire at least one certificate from all categories, You can apply online and you will be interviewed by a branch specialist to see if you qualify for licensing and certification.


Featured TDR Shops:

If you want to increase your traffic and carry the TDR logo, but you do not have the skills or the certificates required to become a TDR certified shop yet, No worries then a featured TDR shop might be your option. A featured TDR shop is a subscription based choice made by the business owners. It allows you to be part of the network, and gain access to our internal infrastructure, that will allow you to be able to offer more repairs, and increase your traffic and visibility. Online and foot traffic! We have some of the most expert business consultants that will also guide you.

To subscribe you must fill out the form. Below are the payment options for subscriptions.


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