The PlayStation 5 has been released and yes they are breaking. We do repair them in most broken conditions. IF you are looking to get your PS5 fixed, then you came to the right place. Please go ahead and click on the start a repair button to get started. 


Since the PS5 has started to break, we have been fixing them. You can watch our YouTube and Tiktok videos to see the quality of our work and the PS5 repairs we have done so far! 

We do repair the HDMI port, Power issues, Blue light of death, and White Light of Death, No Signal, No video and other issues.. Parts are limited.  Some repairs are outlined below. 



PS5 HDMI Repair:

Our same HDMI repair quality gauranteed, same day repair in the lab.  If you are familiar with our work you will definitely use and recommend to your friends, If you haven't rest assured, we are one of the TOP HDMI port repair shops in America, as Features on YouTube and TikTok. Follow us ! 


Things to note about the PS5 console is that the motherboard is cooled by a heatsink which is layered with liquid metal for maximum conductivity. So heat is an issue as well as the complexity of handling the repairs. 


No Video Signal on TV

Aside from not having the HDMI connector broken, Some people are reporting experiences of having no video signal from a brand new system. That was never dropped and the HDMI port is 100% intact. And this is usually caused by the Video Signal circuitry on the motherboard. This issue will need motherboard rework. 

Power Issues

Most systems will experience power issues, and as we have seen from the past with gaming consoles in general, and sort of bad voltage in your house can cause failures. Power supplies will need to be changed or repaired.


Do not Drop your PS5 .... Major Warning! it gets broken on the layers of the PCB and so far no power PS5s that have been dropped have not been fixed! 

Blu Ray (Non Digital Version):

As we have seen from previous generations that the PS5 will have issue with the Blu-ray drive from dirt, over use, heat or physical damage , if the console drops sometimes the disc gets jammed and the whole thing goes out of alignment. We will be ready to perform those repairs. 


Updates and storage issues

at the moment we have only seen that a few people experienced issues. so we are not sure if the SSDs are replaceable.. or what is the deal with any software., we will keep you updated .. follow us for the the latest mail in repairs that could come in to our shops. 

update(5/25/2022): no one so far has SSD cloning successful. 

PS5 Cleanings

the cleaning on a PS5 seems to be very straight forward and everyone can do it!! Just slide the covers/shells off the console and wth a torx screwdriver extra the fan and vacuum! they made it simple!


PS5 Roach Infestations are not Accepted

We do not accept any consoles with roaches or bug infestations, Or consoles that have any signs of animal or human feces. Fees are applicable for anyone who doesn't respect this information.


Previous information ( early 2020)

One YouTuber by the name of ACG has already bricked his system after an update or Hard drive data rebuild attempt that was interrupted. or was not completed successfully. His system fails to boot to the PS5 system software. that's going to be annoying luckily he has warranty and that is possibly covered, but he will have to wait for the warranty to kick in and him receiving a replacement system



Another individual, has posted virally on Facebook a picture of his system under water in his bathtub.. now how did it get there we do not have any news. but that sir is not even covered by PlayStation warranty. Sooo!! That's where TDR comes in

In the case you voided your warranty on your PS5, and you need to get it repaired we will do our best with our vigorous experience with the PS4 system that we will help you resolve and fix your PlayStation 5.

Limited time offer (Only 11 Consoles) EXPIRED

we are offering the first PS5 that comes in to our shop for repairs a full FREE repair* on the house by TDR. the next 10 will recieve a full 50% off their repair price. Please fill out the repair request form to get started with repairs for the Sony PlayStation 5.

*the promotional PS5 repair is 100% free just pay shipping and handling. only the first 11 consoles

PlayStation 5 Release & Repair

Without a shadow of a doubt, many people have speculated what the PS5 will look like! Everyone has come up with many ideas of the new system, However all we know are just a few facts.

The PS5 system will be backwards compatible with at least the PS4 games. It was said that it is backwards compatible with the 3, 2, and 1 games, this is going to be awesome... Most retro system players want to see this happen. Especially the ones we repair retro consoles for. Now it is not cheap to repair systems, even though we are the cheapest, This will definitely reduce the retro repairs. Retro modding will still exist though as far as we know no one has any mods for the PS5 system, let alone know what it looks like. 


At what price point will the PS5's start shipping? That's a non-conclusive argument. We have seen in the past that the original systems do get released for $399, Special editions, add an extra $100-200 on-top.. Now the PS4 Pro is released at $499, so We will assume that they will up the ante this time. $599 + for the PS5 doesn't sound too ludicrous compared to the history of releases. 

Release Date

When will the PlayStation 5 be released?.. let's look at the history of releases. and almost all the time the releases happen during Christmas time and the holidays. that's when all the gift giving is going to happen and that's when lots of parents dish out the money. Christmas 2019? or 2020? possibly more 2020 why do you say so? well... there are PS4 games that are yet still to be released and anticipated. and the money has not been sucked out yet. Big corps are notorious for sucking every last dime before releasing the new thing. 

The new thing always makes the "old thing".. PS4 Pro will no longer be Hot stuff. and therefore all the rich and wealthy or poor and greedy will go out there to buy the latest and "greatest" ... great times to come! However with the recession to hit soon .. who knows maybe the sales will not be so great in the first few months and they might drop the prices. 


Is the PS5 Repairable?

So they ask us, Tech Device Repair, Will the PlayStation 5 also need repairs... absolutely! there is no tech device in the world that doesn't need cleaning and repair, it is part of planned obsolescence. All CPU chips attached with RoHS compliant solder, will always need to be repaired. That is not all, Dust, Water damage, and insect infestations are very common with gaming systems.. No worries we will be here at the cusp of it all repairing your next generation PlayStation 5 when it does break! 

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Mail-In Repair Ticket

Once you have successfully contacted us and we know your device issues, Package & Ship your device to us to "Tech Device Repair, 5317 S Ridgewood Ave, Port Orange, FL 32127!

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One of our expert repair technicians will evaluate the repair claim and start repairing your device when you pay the full repair amount quoted. We finally ship your device fully functional!

PlayStation 5 Repair Blog

  • PS5 Error Code CE-10825-1 - Info and Tips

    PS5 Error Code CE-10825-1 - Info and Tips

    14 March 2021
    The PlayStations 5 system is a fairly new system and all of it's issues are speculative. For now we know this error is a software related issue. where games dies before loading! Here are some reasons with computers might have loading things. 1. the Serial Bus communication between the CPU and the Hardrive is severed(in this case ssd) 2. corrupt data 3. bad data controller 4. Bad Memory Modules.    The list goes on and on. this is defintely a software issue stemming from a hardwar problem.  For information on our repairs please fill out the repair reuest form.