TDR is the leader in HDMI port replacements, We repair the PS5 HDMI port with a brand new Factory original port, So we are assuring you the same quality that you have seen on our videos on social media, with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes, This is your 1 stop HDMI port repair shop. We have the Original OEM HDMI Ports in stock and ready to repair same day at our laboratory.


Our quality is par to non in the industry. We are the leaders of HDMI ports. Our ports last a life time.  See our videos below for yourself! 

A PS5 Disaster...

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The HDMI parts of course come in many standard flavors however we have not seen Sony use a non Proprietary HDMI port! SO we do expect so see a new kind of HDMI port for the PS5 system.! 


The HDMI Repair Process

So first we have to have the motherboard free from the console and all the other parts removed. As the intense heat might cause damage to other components the motherboard has to be free. 

We begin by inspecting the HDMI port under a microscope. and determine the level of damage. then we remove the old bad port.


After removal We inspect one more time, and here we might find ripped pads or broken capacitors or diodes, and many other issues from physically damaging your HDMI port on the PS5. We then clean the site and solder a new port to the motherboard. Fully assemble the system and test ! 

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