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Windows PC Repair Blog

08 July 2017
Customer was suffering from no boot on the PC. The windows circle would just keep spinning. Safe mode and resets do not work, and recovery is corrupt. seems like a major virus infection and the best way was to refresh the entire OS. Viruses are best removed by completely rebuilding a computer. We re installed windows 10 and advised customer to update his windows and get anti-virus for future use. Preventative maintenance is the way to go so you are not forced to repair anything, just make sure you are protected.
01 July 2017
The original build of an AMD AM3+ motherboard and AMD processor attached to an NZXT case with water cooling to an i7 CPU with another GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Ultra motherboard, which had the support for the LGA 1151 i7 chip . DDR4 upgrade was a must since the motherboard is DDR4 2133 MHZ top rated. The liquid cooling from NZXT was a breeze to install back on. Also the new customer supplied motherboard didnot have IDE cables so a blu-ray drive or DVD to SATA upgrade is a must.
23 April 2017
A customer came into the shop with a computer that doesn't power on. After diagnostics we figured that the PSU has blown out. We replaced the PSU and gave it the regular cleaning. As the other PSU might have overheated. We recommend that you get the regular cleaning from TDR every 6 months.
10 January 2017
Upgraded Graphics PCIe card to EVGA GTX 1050. Installed latest 336 nVidia drivers. Customer was happy with the card performance.

Laptop Repair Blog

01 October 2017
This dell laptop would messup the charger circuit as well as not charge or power on. The charger was tested with a multimeter and all is good on the power side. After disassembly we found a Short between the Power lines that could have been a detrimental problem tothe laptop. Successful;yy we were able to remove the short and tested and re assembled the laptop.
28 September 2017
The Dell insiron 11 small form factor laptop is a special one. It does not have an SSD or hard drive, rather a 32GB EMMC. with that said most windows install media will not be able to install the software. And you must install an embedded OS win 10 version. Due to the lack of experience by many technicians the dell inspiron 11 is a laptop that many can not fix when things go wrong. We do know how to get an Embedded OS windows 10 installation on the drive. However it is a very time consuming task. This particular one needed a full refresh as a previous technician completely destroyed the EMMC and removed all partitions off recovery from it.
29 August 2017
Unfortunately due to the low cost of this device and the fact that the motherboard only allows for reballing nad not reflows. We have unseccessfully reflowed the GPU at no cost tot he customer. A reball is necessary but is a very expensive process only used on expensive hardware at the moment.
04 August 2017
The alienware laptop was originally opened by the user which is not a problem, As we are able to fix any issue customers cause by trying to open it themselves. We removed the old lcd and noticed that the backlight connector is also tampered with and thats when we questioned .. and we were informed that there was a previous attempt. As we were trying t put the bezzel back on we also noticed that thte camera placement was not correct. We adjusted and clipped it in the center and we tested the screen and attached the bezzel. The Alienware LCD is defintely definitely a well manufactured and good process to repair.

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