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Request A Repair Quote

Request A Repair Quote

Tell us about your service/repair needs and we will get back to you shortly!

Windows PC Repair Blog

12 July 2017
Alienware 18 was initially diagnosed by another party as having the SSD drive broken. and they recommended that they get a New SSD replacement. After assessing the situation we have found out that the SSD drive is fine, it is only an operating system errorl. There was a virus that corrupted the OS (Windows 10). It would take up resources and continue to restart and take control of the file explorer executable. The virus has also corrupted the system files and deleting major functions of the PC. Though since the previous incorrect diagnosis he had purchased a new SSD already. It was now a double SSD alien ware system ... We installed the New SSD and new operating system... Adding all necessary drivers and apps for the full capability of the Dell Alienware 18 machine. We formatted the infected drive. and were able to retain the data drive unharmed.
08 July 2017
Customer was suffering from no boot on the PC. The windows circle would just keep spinning. Safe mode and resets do not work, and recovery is corrupt. seems like a major virus infection and the best way was to refresh the entire OS. Viruses are best removed by completely rebuilding a computer. We re installed windows 10 and advised customer to update his windows and get anti-virus for future use. Preventative maintenance is the way to go so you are not forced to repair anything, just make sure you are protected.
01 July 2017
The original build of an AMD AM3+ motherboard and AMD processor attached to an NZXT case with water cooling to an i7 CPU with another GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Ultra motherboard, which had the support for the LGA 1151 i7 chip . DDR4 upgrade was a must since the motherboard is DDR4 2133 MHZ top rated. The liquid cooling from NZXT was a breeze to install back on. Also the new customer supplied motherboard didnot have IDE cables so a blu-ray drive or DVD to SATA upgrade is a must.
23 April 2017
A customer came into the shop with a computer that doesn't power on. After diagnostics we figured that the PSU has blown out. We replaced the PSU and gave it the regular cleaning. As the other PSU might have overheated. We recommend that you get the regular cleaning from TDR every 6 months.

Laptop Repair Blog

18 December 2017
Lcd was ok turns out lcd cable is bad needs to be ordered and replaced.
11 December 2017
The track pad has a small clicker button. Which was not functioning properly. After water damage clean out. Everything functions. An excellent fix from Tech Device Repair
30 November 2017
This was not a quick replacement as both sides of the bezzel need to get disassembled and destructed then reconstructed on the new bezzel and assembled. It Was successful but took time.
04 November 2017
The G6 laptop is a great one, it was disassembled and ready for testing. The screen was not on due to a bad GPU. The back light was not on due to a bad screen. 2 repairs in one laptop!!

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