Mobile Repair Shop (repair on-the-go)

Yes that is right TDR is now on the road. Ready to service you any where you are! At your office, at your home, at your shop. Just call us and make an appointment! We also offer Pick Up and Delivery services in selected neighborhoods! So forget searching for anything “near me” because now we are always near you!!

Our Repair Guys and Girls (the TDR squad) are ready to service you at the convince of your own location.

Mobile PlayStation Repair

We will repair your PlayStation 5 and 4 on the road, Correct. call us and make an appointment! We will fix Your PS5 HDMI, NO video, and USB port issues outside your home or business office. Some no power repairs are also possible! However Major repairs will be taken back to the inhouse facility.

Yes there will be some repairs that will need to be worked on the $50k machine. So diagnostics at TDR is always free and we will make sure to keep that going on the mobile repair shop! We will be near you at many times of the day and appointments can happen instantly. so start a repair and get scheduled!

Mobile Xbox Repair

As always we will clean and fix all your Xboxes just like we always do in our shops with the same quality on the mobile repair shop. We will fix the Xbox One, Series S and X. we will try to add the retro gaming systems to the mobile repair shop please wait. No power might be a bit difficult to work on the mobile repair shop so we will have to take it back to the warehouse/LAB for further diagnostics and repair. So 99% of Xbox HDMI issues, Xbox port issues, and most no video problems will be services on the road!

Repairing Xbox HDMI ports on the GO! is now an option near you!

Call us or click the start a repair button and make an appointment!

Mobile iPhone Repair

We come to you to fix your iPhone! This specific service is Coming soon on the mobile repair shop. however we can pick up and deliver it back to you fast!!! no need to travel to our stores. At our stores we will do the LCD replacements, Back cover replacements and much more

Mobile Computer Repair

Most computer problems are software related! so yes we can definitely help you out with that. However most of these repairs will take a long time to complete and we will not charge you for just being there in your home! so we can take these computer back to our LAB and we will fix and deliver right back. So yes and no! if it is fast enough we will fix it right there on the spot.

Other hardware related issues like laptop screens and other problems will need to be taken care of at the lab as parts need to be ordered. Motherboard issues, are different and expert Soldering can be done on the spot!

Mobile Motherboard Micro-soldering

Correct! If you own a repair shop or an avid technician that would like to get something micro-soldered or just simple soldering. We have you covered! Just call us for special pricing and we will service your customers right there for you, quick and easy same day!

Yes, now you can add HDMI port repairs and many other specialties to the list of services you offer at your store. so if you are a video game store, Cell phone repair shop or simply a pawn shop that wants to offer repairs we got you! Contact us and we can discuss .

All microsoldering jobs are Testing with multimeter, and inspected with a microscope.

Become a TDR drop off location

As part of our amazing new mobile repair , you can enjoy same day services if you are close to our LABs. so call us and we will discuss how you can become a TDR drop off location. It will increase your foot traffic and income greatly. Limited locations available due to the mile distance requirement between each TDR location. So reserve your spot, you don’t want to miss this!


  1. I have an Ichager 406 duo where the rotary dial detent is broken. Otherwise the charger works fine. Can you fix this? How Long? Approx. cost? How do I get it to you? Paul Burke cell 248/762-1743

  2. I have a water damaged switch that might be fried, tried plugging in after days of setting to dry and havent been able to get any positive results. I wanted to know if you guys would be able to fix my issue as ive seen your youtube post fixing a similar problem.

    If possible contact me by email addressing the issue as i am active more there.
    Love to hear from you

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